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Kjanora10 05-02-2020 08:56 AM

HPI Savage x 4.6 electric conversion!?
I am converting my HPI Savage x 4.6 into electric. The first thing I am going to do is make the transmission a single speed. Which I understand how to do. But I am super confused with the motor and esc and battery combo. I see videos of people running two 2s lipos and other videos of people running only one 3s or 4s lipo. I probably should run around a 2250kv motor. And the esc is my problem. Should I run 120amps and either put a single 3s or single 4s on it. Or should I run a 150amp esc with two 2s lipos. I kinda want to go with the single battery because it cuts down on weight and can fit in the car easily. What do you guys think?

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