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BoomerSooner 03-10-2016 08:28 PM

P140RX smokes on diesel
Switched to diesel last year with no problems on any of my turbines except for my 140rx. It smokes like a chimney all the time, not just during startup/shutdown. Runs great just smokes a lot. Sent it in for service at the end of the season. I finally got around to re installing it in my flash and it still smokes like crazy. Anyone else have a 140 that smokes all the time?

josecilurzo 05-01-2016 12:31 PM

Well, we run all our JC on diesel / jeta1 ( 70%/30% mixed ), but, i was used 100% diesel too, i think that the smoke that you have on you 140rx, is the oil mix ratio, on full diesel try 4% oil on fuel.
After many tests performed, for me, the best result on fuel mix is 70/30 diesel / jeta1, with 4,5% oil mix, to best : thrust, smoke, start and smooth running. All my engines have had 90 hs or more, after many inspections and bearing changes ( 50 to 70 hs run time ), the engines are absolutely perfect!!!

hope helps


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