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Thinking of buying an NX10? ... perhaps think again

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Default Thinking of buying an NX10? ... perhaps think again

I am so disappointed with this new product and have returned it for a refund. My main gripe is that it has been released with known shortcomings and Spektrum appear to be relying on the consumer to do Beta testing. The product as advertised and sold, is not fit for purpose - particularly if you want to use it for sailplanes and F5J comps.

Below are my posts on RC groups out lining my issues.

Make your own mind up ......

E-mail content sent to Spektrum on 3 May 2021

Just bought my NX10 from Modelflight here in Australia and tried to transfer 12 models using "Transfer all models" function from my trusty DX9 which uses a standard SD card
First I copied all model from DX9 to my pc and checking to malke sure transfer was completed properly. I then transferred the model data from my pc to the MICRO SD card. Again all data transferred correctly.
I inserted the MicroSD card in the NX and it started its "thumb twiddling" while it was supposedly importing all models. After about 7 minutes the striped bar had not changed so I shut the NX down and restarted it to find that no models had been transferred.

I eventually had success using the above method but only importing the 12 models one at a time .

I had difficulty when transferring the latest Airware updates. I successfully established access between the NX10 and my home WiFi. The WiFi by WiFi failed to work even though the NX logged into the Spektrum site successfully via WiFi. I had to connect the NX to my pc by the cable to get the Airware updates.

Today I attempted to log in to Spektrum Home page. I got through the WiFi connect screen and successfully signed on to Spektrum "Home" and then everything "froze". Roller was not responsive nor Back button, nor on/off switch.I had to resort to disconnecting the battery.

After paying $800A for an item I do NOT expect to be the company's dummy in sorting out various BETA problems and versions of software. Please hold off on release until the damned product works as advertised in the poorly presented instruction manual.

The manual needs clarification too.
The instructions about using a micro card or connecting to pc via cable need looking at . The notes on p9 and pps 26,27 are inconsistent with each other.

Not impressed and not good enough

3 weeks later I was contacted by Horizon Hobby in the US

this is their response to the above

On Friday, 2 April 2021, 01:41:32 am AEDT, HH Consumer Sales <[email protected]> wrote:

Dear Terry,
Thank you for contacting Horizon Hobby. We apologize for our late reply to your query as we are experiencing very high email and call volumes at this time.
Are you still in need of assistance with this case?
Kind Regards,

Alisha G.
Product Support // L2 Air Technical Advisor

*Please note: We're experiencing longer than normal response times. We're eager to assist you as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience as we get to your case. Please allow 5-10 business days for a response to be provided. If you need same-day assistance, please call our live technical support staff. Call 877-504-0233 Or take advantage of our online Chat Services.

Post 2 to RC Groups "Spektrum NX Transmitters" thread

Is there a problem with the Sailplane set up section?
Trying to use the NX10 (still)
I want to establish a FLP>ELE mix to stop the F5J gliders "ballooning" when I set the flaps. I am using the LH lever for the flaps (Motor on switch A)
I adjust the curve point values and nothing happens to the elevator. Flaps work normally.
Adjusting the elev trim while in Landing Mode has reached max and the elev needs way more down.

I'm getting close to returning this equipment and swearing off Spektrum for good. I have more than 15 Spectrum receivers of various kinds, I have bought DX6 and DX9 transmitters and as you can see, the NX10 is testing my patience.
Your urgent advice regarding the Mixing problem with Flap>Ele for gliders is requested.
C'mon Spektrum .... some assistance needed here.

Post 3 the RC Groups Spektrum NX Transmitter" thread
My NX10 is not fit for purpose and has been returned to the retailer for a refund.
Further to my earlier posts on this thread, I persevered with the NX10 loaded with Sherman Knight's Red Sailplane template and my Spektrum receiver equipped F5J glider.
At last w/e competition, the motor was erratic and running at around 40% when switched on. I switched it on and off a number of times until it magically ran at full power. That process had to be repeated for each launch.

Then after each flight the control surfaces were all over the place when I landed. The flaps were misaligned by about 30 deg. Before the next launch I reset all surfaces using Camber presets and Camber System. Same result. Control surfaces were all over the place when it landed.
When I got home I commenced the fault finding process by trying my DX9 instead of the NX10. The DX9 ran the same template as the NX10. I bound it to the model and changed nothing else. Everything worked as it should. I disconnected and reconnected the battery a number of times and all control surfaces returned each time to their proper set positions. The motor ran at 100% each time it was switched on.

No doubt that the NX10 was at fault.

Perhaps it works with Horizon Hobby's templates for simple foamies

Mine does NOT work with a top of the line F5J electric sailplane.

.... but but but it has a colour screen and and ........ pity Spektrum could not be bothered to properly develop the product prior to release.

I bet they really "value" their customer too (NOT!!!)

Post 4 - my latest post on RC Groups "Spektrum NX Transmitters"
I have 19 powered models and 5 e-powered sailplanes all equipped with Spektrum receivers. I have moved through DX6, DX8, DX9 transmitters over 10 years. However I have never encountered a Spektrum product like the NX10 that is so poorly tested by the MANUFACTURER prior to release.
No excuses here. We pay good money for such a product.
Where/when was anyone who purchased an NX10, told that it required customers to work through the myriad of faults.
Customers should not be considered as beta testers. They paid money for a FULLY functional product. Has Spektrum heard the term "Fit for purpose"??

Releasing the NX10 with faults is absolutely an unmitigated disaster that no amount of responses by Mr Kunz can overcome.

Spektrum should be ashamed for treating customers in this manner

Please pass this to HH and Spektrum Marketing scetion

Terry Lovett

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