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Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

Old 11-20-2007, 06:29 PM
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Default Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

Good afternoon folks..
Many of you have been following the "other" thread with the same title (I started) on this subject. Unfortunately, Danny (the moderator) ended it with inaccurate statements (I'll refrain from calling them lies for now). I have asked him to re-open that thread. Please keep posted to this online community as well as the other online forums for updated information about this issue. I WILL SEE THIS ISSUE THROUGH... YOU WILL GET THE ANSWERS YOU DESERVE!!!

Previous thread:

To those of you who have contributed so much valuable information, THANK YOU!!! I am confident we are finding the answer... I'm just not sure it is what Danny (or me, for that matter) wants to hear. Anyway, for now this issue has NOT been resolved so be sure to keep posted!
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Default RE: Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

Why do you feel that you have a problem when most (if not all) of the early adopters----like me----have had a completely flawless experience.

You really don't have a lot of experience with RC-----couldn't that factor alone explain it? (three years max with Air/Helis)

Too many of us without problems for you to be discovering "new truths".
The odds simply don't allow it.

Noise does not equate to truth-------just noise.

BTW this is an attempt at a "discussion topic" on a Mfgrs. Help Site---I didn't notice that at first, neither of us belong here.
Quite frankly I don't feel your self made saga belongs anywhere ----- but I'll bet we will see it again.

Before you ask, my only connection to Horizon/JR/Spektrum is the role of a satisfied customer.
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Default RE: Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

There are certainly some issues with the receivers. When the Spektrum receivers get a low voltage signal or power drop the have to "reboot". The other 72 mghz recievers just get "glitches" and keep going. The Spektrums need to reboot which can take several seconds. I have had two planes go in because of this "lock-out" condition when they reboot. I have since figured out the problem and haven't had an issue since, but it did cost me two planes and most of the gear in them. I worked through these issues with Spektrum and they were great in resolving the problems. Castle was also very helpfull with the issues. I only fly large electric conversion planes and I don't think the Spektrum system had been tested too well for these type of power systems. Also the ESCs were also not designed with the Spektrum receivers in mind. A 2-3 second reboot is forever with a 10 lbs plane going 80 mph.

I have since been using my Spektrum system for many planes and power setups without issues. Problem was mainly solved by using a seperate receiver pack and/or power regulator system instead of the ESC supplied power.
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Default RE: Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

I will start by stating that I do not own a 2.4G unit of any type. I still use 72 and 36 MHz PCM so I am probably considered to be an O.F.

When I see posts about the requirements for 2 receivers, separate batt packs etc. I wonder if it is all worth it in a plane of 10 or so pounds when it would seem that if the installation is not absolutely perfect, they are still open to "reliability" issues (As in reliability of the control of the plane - not of the equipment itself).
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Default RE: Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

ORIGINAL: onewasp
Response to ONEWASP (above)

Thank you Godfather of all things RC! Your words are really encouraging. I could argue each of your points (I guarantee I am smarter than you think) but to be honest, I'm bored with the arrogance.
By the way, have you noticed the interest in this "non-Issue"? Take a look at the Spektrum Radios page ( ), scroll down and note the number of viewers (2,300+) in this now terminated 3 week old "new truth" thread. Pretty amazing "self made saga", huh? Actually, as I stated in one of the other threads you barraged with your venom earlier today:

"With all due respect, I don't think people are uniformly stating that the 2.4 receivers are causing all the problems. In a sterile (i.e bench test) environment, they apparently work perfectly. The problems seem to surface when all the variables are added to the mix. Remember, not everyone flies the same thing. Soooooo, what then is the next step? How about rather than throwing daggers from the comfort of your desk, you engage that fertile mind of yours to help the rest of us find workable solutions."

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Default RE: Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

(I guarantee I am smarter than you think)
number of viewers (2,300+) in this now terminated 3 week old "new truth" thread.
Well, lets see if your smarter than I think. BTW, you did not have 2,300 viewers of that thread. What you had was (depending upon number of posts in the thread) was repeat viewers that came back to read the next post. I didn't read the other thread but if there were say 100 posts, then you had 23 viewers continuing to read...............Example.........

I fly RC Turbines Exclusively. All of my jets (6 RTF and several in the works) are running AR 9000 receivers. I'm not anal about counting every flight, but it is well into the hundreds since April of 2007 when I could get my hands on half a dozen of the 2.4 packages for my three 10x's plus jets.

If there was a problem with the setup, believe me, I would have found it. I do not use their little capacitor, I do not use redundant battery systems, I do not do anything special in fact I used the duralite battery reg with one 2s2p battery pack and an electrodynamics switch.

I do setup all the jets with a battery amp meter such as [link=]THIS.[/link]

I can understand how you might be upset over losing something for reasons beyond your comprehension, but this technology works, and I'm not sure what you're going to have to do to get your head wrapped around it. But good luck with that.

Also, you should go read every post Lee Silverman has written about 2.4 gig over in the jets forum. He is a Roman God when it comes to radio links, and he has written up a lot of posts about this subject. PM him, call him, and report back here what you learned. He is just a modeler that knows all about radio technology. He tests every radio he can get his hands on, so his knowledge is not JR/Horizon specific, he owns several futaba products and others as well.

You might learn something, who knows..........

[edit for spelling]
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Default RE: Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

I'm going to have to vote with Sean and onewasp on this one.
I flew over 200 flights with my Spektrum system this pattern season in Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska at 12 different fields with -0- problem.
I'd say that's a pretty diverse environment.
I run a 5 cell NiMh with a Jaccio 5.7v regulator.
The regulator is not for the receiver but for some of the servos I am running that are not recommended for 6v.
This was all with the DX-7 tx and rx.
I now have the X9303 that I will use for all my existing 7 channel receivers and new 9 channel ones.
I am also flying two of the 6100 receivers in foamies again with no problems.
I can't say enough about how satisified I am with the system and it's features.
And this thread WILL be locked this morning when Danny and the guys get in to work.
What we're doing on it is not what the manufacturer's support threads are for.
I guess I'm guilty as charged!
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Default RE: Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

Still sounds like sour grapes to me. In a world where one of my "friends" simply cannot resist putting my plane into a flat-spin when I tell him NOT to because I need to readjust the C.G. again, the "Bag-O'-Balsa" scenario is not an uncommon one, and hardly requires a Spektrum RX doing a low-voltage reset to be bringing yours home that way. I also should point out that NOBODY hates Horizon like I do, in fact, the President of Horizon stays far out of arms reach from me, or he knows his day would not end well. However, since I'm addicted to Saitos and JR Radios and see nothing better out there (tried them all) I'm still using them both. And now that the Spektrums have come out, I researched them and bought a DX-7, which I have been using all year. In 30 years of flying I've seen all manner of new technologies come into this hobby, and with each came the naysayers. NO technology comes without a few bugs to work out. Yes, I believe the voltage-drop issues are real with the Spektrums, and there are probably a few more as well. I'm not even talking about that one guy at every single fly-in in the world who accidentally turns his radio on and crashes somebody. But I'll guarantee you that Train counters, door openers, and the commercial radios in Garbage, Delivery, and Municipal trucks 20 years ago shot down a hundred times as many planes as these few issues with the Spektrums do today. And we had a hundred times FEWER planes back then! I'll do the math for you. Plane for plane, that's a ten-thousand percent reduction in shoot-down probability with this new technology. But we have COMPUTERS now, and the internet, that gives us ten thousand times as much ability to publicize one or two crashes of unverified origin. Computers or not, all of the guys in my area who have bought Spektrums have had flawless results. We all talk and share tips, and admittedly we mostly fly sport-scale planes that don't have exceptional votage requirements. On our really nice birds we play it safe and battery-up and pay attention to our servo amperage draw ratios versus our batteries. Just like we used to to share tips on frequency safety and build pin-boards and rent AMA frequency testers for our fields to do what we could to bring the tolerances as tight as possible. BUT IT HAS TO BE SAID; IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO BRING HOME THAT $4,000.00 BIRD IN A BAG OR BOX, YOU ARE IN THE WRONG HOBBY AND YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN BUY IT OR BUILD IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. This hobby does not come with guarantees other than that you WILL bring them home smashed up upon occasion. Of all the hobbies I can think of, this one would be the least likely to come with a guarantee. What goes up must come down. How many pieces it comes down in ALWAYS depends on a whole lot of factors, and if you don't like the possibility that a glitch could bring your plane down, go do something else. Without a sense of adventure, this hobby would not exist in the first place.

The Spektrums get very high marks from me.

Just like Forrest Gump, that's all I got to say about that!

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Default RE: Spektrum receivers fail in flight!!!!!!

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