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Ricko1 02-15-2015 02:39 AM

JR XG14 Disabling Throttle trim from Flight modes

Can you disable the throttle trim memory when using flight modes? If so - how. On my turbine I have to use the throttle trim to initiate the start and shutdown sequences. I also use flight modes as it is a convenient way to individually adjust the main flight surfaces when using flaps. On take off I use no flap and have the throttle trim high. Landing is with full flap. To shut down the engine I then use throttle trim down. The problem arises if I forget to raise the flap before shut down. If I forget to raise the throttle trim to high for full flap before the next flight it remains in the low position ( ie shut down) and the next time I fly and hit full flaps the engine goes into it's shut down sequence. DEAD STICK. This is an ( expensive) accident waiting to happen. I know I can use the flap to elevator/aileron trim but it is really handy to be able to use flight modes. Any ideas ?



AWorrest 02-18-2015 09:54 PM

Based on my experience with the XG11 and looking at the XG14 manual, your trims can be either common for all of the flight modes or flight mode specific. The choice you make will apply to all of the trims. You can’t have only the throttle trim be common (or disconnected from the flight modes) while the others are still flight mode specific. In the System List’s Trim System menu on page 2, there is the FMOD TRIM: option that can be set to either COM or FMOD.
For my glow-powered planes, I don’t use the throttle trim method. On my older transmitters, I set up a program mix for an engine kill. On the XG transmitters there are several premixes that can shut off an engine by using a switch not connected to flight modes, the THRO HOLD menu or the throttle cut in the THRO TRIM menu.

Ricko1 02-19-2015 01:43 PM

Hi Allan,

Thanks for the reply. What you describe about the Trims either being COM or FMOD was how I read the manual as well. I thought I may have missed something. With my turbine the throttle trim performs numerous functions and having it linked to flight modes can get you into a heap of trouble.



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