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rene69 03-15-2016 04:25 PM

JR XG14 Programing help
I'm handicapped with all the new programming on the radios. i want to have a kill engine switch and a countdown timer. I got a timer that is a countdown but starts when you turn the radio ON. I need to start it when I takeoff.
Any suggestions will be appreciated.

AWorrest 03-15-2016 06:26 PM

This is difficult to program with any brand of transmitter. Unless there is some unique, distinctive action that you take just prior to takeoff, the transmitter has no way of knowing if you are just about ready to takeoff or just taxiing out to the runway. There are a couple of ways I handle this problem.
My transmitter is an XG11 and according to the XG14 manual, your transmitter should operate similarly. When you have the INFO screen in front of you, the F button on the left side of the screen functions as a timer button turning the timer on and off. You will first have to set up the timer with the TIMER menu. You shouldn’t have to specified the start and stop switches. (The manual is not too clear on this point.) If you start the timer too early, you can reset it by selecting the timer readout on the INFO screen and push the C button on the left side of the screen. This will reset the timer. The main problem with the method, is that you have to remember to start or clear the timer just prior to taking-off.
Another way is to set up a stick position switch on the throttle stick that turns on the timer when the throttle is advanced to a position higher than you use for taxiing.

rene69 03-15-2016 06:57 PM

Thanks Allan, I'll try it tomorrow. The way you explained looks similar to the JR9303. I do not main to activate it when I'm about to TO. Thanks

AWorrest 03-15-2016 11:29 PM

Yes, the first method is identical to the 9303 except to reset the timer you’ll have to highlight the time displayed before pressing the C button, (tip on the bottom of XG14 manual, page 61).
Hopefully an XG14 owner will explain how to set up a stick position switch, SPS, on the throttle. The SPS programming for the XG14 and the XG11 differ.

baronbrian 03-17-2016 05:45 AM

Ive long believed that the problem with timers is forgetting to start them. You want to make it so they start automatically by doing things that you already do, such as advance the throttle, raising the retracts or flaps after takeoff. There are two stick position switches for the xg14, they show up on your menu as SPS0 and SPS1. A stick position switch works just like flipping a switch, but it happens automatically when one of your control sticks reach a preset position. The first thing you will have to do is forget the timer, and follow the instructions on setting up the sps. for my electric pattern planes, I set the SPS0 on the throttle channel, and make the setting at about 40%. Then, in the timer menu, you can set how you would like to activate your timer. Note here that you can start and stop the timer with different actions. If your sps both turns on the timer and turns it off, and it is set at half throttle, then every time you go to idle you timer will stop. I use the trainer/snap switch to turn off the timer if I need to. Also note that these radios have logic as well. If you click the "and" box, you will create a scenario where two conditions have to be met; so on a warbird if you had selected both a sps and a switch that sets your flaps to takeoff position to start your timer, then you could keep from starting the timer during your runup, and then when your on the runway with your flaps down, advancing the throttle would then start your timer. The combination of the sps and the "and" function is limitless, you could use the same sps for more than one function, because you can combine the sps with one switch for something, and the same sps with a different switch for something else. Hope this helps!

grizzly59 03-17-2016 07:20 AM

Timer set up so that it starts with the throttle up and stops when the trottle is down.
Go to Timer screen and activate the Timer. Set the Down time for your plane, 6 min, 7 min etc

Click on SW- select SPSO clicking on square and making it dark.
If you want the throttle to stop when the stick is downclick on Stop SW. Click on SPSO and darken the square. Scroll through the wholelist of choices to make sure all the other boxes are white. I discovered that there was a default selected in either=Snap or Mix Make all boxes white except SPSO, first on in the list.

That finishes work in the Timer section.

Now go to STK POS SW
After you set up the screen you should have

POS:L 85 I fly Electric and L 85 does it for me. It is just like and off on switch. If you use a fuel engine you must experiment with this setting.

When I use these settings the timer starts as I throttle up and stops when I throttle down

aldara 03-17-2016 07:44 AM

Im happy XG14 owner too..
I fly mostly F3B/F3F/F3J gliders, some opf them electric, with 7 ch receivers.
I fly MODE1, trottle(butterfly) on the right hand

I have E- motor on my right side lever = CH5 on my reveiver.



how can i set timer on the right side lever (motor on-timer start, motor off timer stop?

TIMER settings
START SW /STOP SW...SW SEL(3 pages)...?

i can set timer on the trainer switch(TRN SW) but i will have timer on right side lever :-)

best regards

grizzly59 03-18-2016 05:47 AM



Try one of these threads where questions about JR are answered by guys that use the transmitter

rene69 03-22-2016 12:06 PM

Thank you guys for all the suggestions. I got the timer to work, just like it did on my 9303, I need to try the cut off but the weather has to get better for flying.

ninod 11-27-2018 04:08 AM

XG14 Programming Question Tailerons/Flaperons

Need help setting up my XG14 Radio for my Freewing 90mm F-16. Would like the following functions: Each flight control is on a separate channel.

1. On a switch -Takeoff/Landing Flaps and both ailerons down and Tailerons on the elevators.


Flaperons and Tailerons on a switch position.


neil4066 11-08-2019 02:38 AM

XG14 using "and" function
Help wanted! I have an XG14 that I use for pattern flying. I am trying to set up a snap triple rates setup (a new mode would work also). I want it operated by aileron AND rudder both going past 90% stick travel, and then under this high rate situation the ail, rud, and elev all change to a higher rate.. I have set up SPS0 to use as a timer. I have SPS 1 free, but it can only be triggered by one channel going past say 90% travel. I cannot find any reference to the AND function for the XG14.

AWorrest 11-10-2019 03:10 PM

You need more stick-position switches on your XG14 or an XG11 to accomplish what you are asking. Without using two stick-position switches, the only alternatives I can think of are either to use exponential on one set of rates to get higher rates when the sticks are at their extreme positions or to use the sticks as a snap switch by means of the SNAP ROLL menu.

Using the sticks in the SNAP ROLL menu cause the elevator, aileron, and rudder to snap to predetermined positions when both the aileron and rudder sticks are moved beyond some point you determined. This is not what you were asking but I find it useful in performing the snap in the avalanche maneuver. A word of caution, establish flight modes so the snap will only occur for a specific mode. By default the snap option is on all the time.


neil4066 11-12-2019 09:36 AM

Thank you Allan for helping. The following is a quote from the instruction manual under Stick Pos Switch:-

"In various functions, by choosing “SW SEL”, and selecting SPS0 〜 SPS 5, it is possible to Turn functions ON/ OFF using stick control."

This implies that there are switches SPS0 to SPS5. The SPS functions accessable under S P Switch function are only 0 and 1, and these are called "virtual switches" Presumably then SPS 2,3,4, and 5 are accessable through the Dual Rates menu? But how to get to them?


AWorrest 11-13-2019 01:14 PM

That tip is most likely a misprint. The XG14 came out about three years after the XG11. The description of the stick position switches in the XG14 manual is identical to the XG11 except for the drawings and one crucial word. The first sentence of the second paragraph of the XG11 manual states, “Six virtual switch systems are available.” In the XG14 manual the Six is changed to Two.

Another misstatement is the last sentence in that paragraph that says it is possible to set up a dead zone in the middle. This can be done on the XG11 as it has a more complicated but more extensive stick position switch programming than the XG14. I don’t see any way of doing it on the XG14.

The easiest way to get more gain at extreme stick positions to do snaps is to add more expo to the rates. A more complicate way would be to set up a program mix for each axis to increase the rate when the one remaining SPS is tripped AND the snap flight mode is active.


neil4066 11-14-2019 07:40 AM

It helps me a lot when you tell me what cannot be done, as I stop searching for how to do the impossible!

Yes I will figure out an alternate setup to get snap control.


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