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jigeye 05-10-2021 08:28 AM

dual elevator servo setup questions
Newbie here with syncing elevator servo question(s).
Extreme Flight Extra 300-85in.

Spektrum ix12 transmitter

SpektrumAR20310T receiver

Elevator servoes (2)

On different channels (aka not mixed together).

Servo geometry correct and set up with no subtrim on either elevator servo.

Trying to set up low rates using angle meter (android).

Dual rate setup was successful on L elevator (up20 degrees/dn20 degrees)

When checking R elevator up was 20 degrees (good) but dn was only 16 degrees (bad). In other words I cannot figure out how to get the R elevator to go down to 20 degrees (vice 16 degrees right now).

I am unsure when I go into “dual rates” on the transmitter, which servo it looks at (aka L elevator or right elevator or both).

I know there is a way to fix the r elevator down issue, just don’t know how.

opjose 06-09-2021 03:44 PM

You likely have at least one servo reversed. When that happens the servo center and extreme positions is not the same for both sides leading to the issue you are having.
This is because "center point" (AKA 1500ms) becomes different for each side when one servo is reversed.

You can cure this mechanically by adjusting the servo arms and linkages so you get identical movement, but at center the arms will not be in the same position on both sides..

Or you can cure it in the TX. If you attempt to fix this in the TX you must first establish how far the servos and surfaces can travel in each direction then take the LESSER motion for both. However start by setting servo travel to 150% so you first establish the full range of motion. You may find this gives you more than 20 degree deflection..

If you cannot get more deflection or the servos are binding at extremes you can set both servos via the TX to give you the 16 degrees down.

You may also need to set center points, etc.

BarracudaHockey 06-10-2021 03:26 AM

First off, did you us wing type to add the second elevator or a p-mix?

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