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djmp69 09-23-2021 10:30 AM

AR10100T - No Remotes?
So these new gen receivers do not come with remote receivers and the remotes cost $40. On the older DSMX receivers, there was such a big deal made about th remotes being very important. I've even noticed a VERY marked difference in performance without the remotes. Of course, there's no documentation on this, why the remotes are no longer needed, so I reached out to tech support to understand why, and to figure out if I should still get remotes. They very snarkily replied that I was looking too deeply into it and that the receivers are new and it depended on what type of plane that I wanted to put it in and that's all he said. Wow, just like their computer and phone systems, their tech support is malfunctioning too. So, can anybody here give me some insight? PLEASE?

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