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007clint 10-22-2006 10:07 AM

Shopping for a transmitter
I am shopping but don't know enough to know what I need.

I am new to nitro & gas boat racing.
I want the Pistol Grip type transmitter.
I currently have three 2-channel AM transmitter/receiver models (75mz).

I want to have memory for each model with room to add a couple more models.
I want to start adding 3rd channel mixture control.
I want to have 'mixing' between channels (here is where I get fuzzy with what I don't know) so that I can automatically fine-tune the mixture depending on rudder position and throttle position as well as from the shore when wide open on the straight (for air-density/temperature variations during 'milling laps').

I hope all of that makes sense - what transmitters do you have to handle these parameters? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

dsnyder 10-23-2006 08:58 AM

RE: Shopping for a transmitter
I'd suggest the DX3 or DX3.0 from Spektrum, or the XS3 Pro or Z1 from JR. These systems do not have program mixing however, so you wouldn't be able to link the throttle or rudder to the mixture, but you could proportionally adjust the mixture if you have a servo hooked to it on the 3rd channel.

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