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Titanium66 12-06-2009 10:23 AM

Dx6i Dual Aileron & Flaps Setup
What's the best way to set up the DX6i to control a plane with dual aileron servos (1 servo/aileron) and flaps? I've configured the transmitter, receiver, and servos per Spektrum instructions for "Dual Aileron Wing Type" (left aileron servo to AUX 1 port & right aileron servo to AILE port. With this setup the only open ports are GEAR and BATT/BIND on the AR6200 receiver. I connected the flap servos with a Y-harness to the GEAR port, which seems to limit me for other programming. Can I reassign switches with this radio, control the GEAR port on the receiver with the flap switch on the transmitter? Also, I'd like to mix a setup for landing where both ailerons drop 20 degrees or so when the flaps are deployed and am not seeing a way to do this. Anybody have any helpful ideas?

BuschBarber 12-06-2009 10:42 AM

RE: Dx6i Dual Aileron & Flaps Setup
One of the problems you run in to with a lower end radio is that the programming is more limited. The DX6i is a nice radio, but mixing is more limited than the DX7, 9303, and 12X.

There is another thread on just this subject that you might want to search for.

I do not have a DX6I but I have helped train new pilots who had purchased that radio and I am very familiar with the programming options available in more advanced radios like the 9303.

The Flapperon program is a common method to put a servo on each Aileron half, plug them each into a different channel, and mix them so they both work when you move the Aileron stick. It also allows the Ailerons to move down when you move the Flap Switch. Many people just use the Flapperon program to mix the Aileron servos on Ch 2 and Ch6 and they turn off the Flap component.

If you have an aircraft that has functioning Flaps, you want to connect the Flap servos to the Flap channel, connect the right Aileron to the Aileron channel, connect the left Aileron to the Gear channel and use a Programmable Mixer to mix Ch2 and Ch5 with the Master being Ch2 and the Slave as Ch5. You do not use the Flapperon program at all.

With only 6 channels, those are your only options.

For the Flaps, you may want to consider the JR Matchbox, instead of a Y Harness. The Matchbox allows you to connect up to 4 servos to one channel and adjust the Servo Direction, Neutral, and End Points, for each servo. This will allow you to Match the two Flap Halves so they move together evenly, without having to make many mechanical adjustments.

Titanium66 12-06-2009 08:49 PM

RE: Dx6i Dual Aileron & Flaps Setup
I tried your second suggestion and with some fiddling with the gear servo to left aileron mechanics and adjustments to gear servo travel in the transmitter, everyting seems to be working...on the ground anyway. Now I need to mix in an aileron "droop" to flap actuation. I'll take it airborne this week one day after work. Thanks for the help.

BuschBarber 12-06-2009 10:01 PM

RE: Dx6i Dual Aileron & Flaps Setup
I don't know how many Programmable Mixers come with the DX6i but you can do a variety of things using multiple Programmable Mixers. The higher end Tx's have more Canned Programs and allow for Switch Assignments and so forth.

To Droop Ailerons you need to have a second Mix, assigned to a Switch, with the ability to have the Ailerons go Down so many degrees, and yet still operate as Ailerons using the Aileron stick. You need to understand all the parameters of the Mix and do some trial and error to see if it will work.

I remember purchasing a Futaba 7AUPS and trying to mix Elevator Halves and then mix Elevator with Flaps. The second mix only recognized the Elevator channel and not the channel for the other Elevator half.

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