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pepito9 09-29-2020 02:58 AM

Oldie Question. Servos for Super Stinker.
Hi everyone,
I have a Midwest SuperStinker fully built that´s been laying around the workshop for decades now and would like to get it flying.
I´ve got the complete plans but i am missing the manual.

Anyone that can share the manual page where the hardware required is listed including the recommended servos?

Thanks a lot,


DGrant 10-02-2020 11:21 PM

Since your plane is built, there won't be too much info you can glean from the manual other then the CG location, and recommended control throws. The hardware info in the manual is likely obsolete, as hardware has improved considerably since then, and what was available back then most likely isn't available today.

I can say Dubro has a whole line of various /hardware/components, in several size ranges, for just about every application, from micro to giant. Dubro.com will give you something to study. I've equipped several planes in the size range of your Stinker, Matter of fact I've equipped planes from micros up to 150cc gassers with Durbo components.

I'm pretty sure the servo specs in the manual are also obsolete, when compared to todays equipmen and what we have available. I have 2 of the Midwest Extras w/50cc gas engines (spec from Midwest is 1.80 glow), and they do very well with about a 280oz servo.. which is probably overkill for the Stinker, but you might want to look at the Hitec D645's, which I'm sure will be well above what the Stinker spec calls for. They're a very decent affordable servo that might be perfect for your sport bipe, with about 180oz @ 7..4v, and steel gears.

The manual was written so long ago you'll find the specs might be laughable, as they wrote the manual for available components for that era. When you find a manual you'll know what I'm talknig about. A 200oz servo just wasn't mainstream or easy to get when the plane was designed, and the manual was written... whereas today something like a 150oz servo is a click away and available in many RC outlets... and affordable.

So check out Dubro, and see if there's anything you can use. I wish I had the manual for that plane, but those planes are now very rare. It should be a fun project for you. Good luck with your search.

speedracerntrixie 10-03-2020 05:28 AM

Servos can make or break an airplane both literally and performance wise. There are plenty of low cost high power servos available that will fly the airplane reliably but will the airplane fly up to your expectations with low cost servos? Centering is a big requirement in my book. I have found that most low cost options don't center as well as I would like. Holding power is also something that a good servo needs to have as well as good power off center. I've learned the hard way that when it come to aerobatic models, the airplane simply will not meet my expectations unless I install a set of digital servos. If budget is a concern look at some of the KST digital servos, IMO they offer the biggest bang for the buck. Savox and MKS are great servos but at a higher price point. JR and Futaba are great servos but also the most expensive. At the end of the day you are the one that needs to determine what you expect out of your airplane, do you want accurate point rolls, snap rolls that stop where you want?

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