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bigcam 12-05-2004 03:45 PM

Goldberg Extra 300
I am just about to start a Goldberg Extra 300. I would appreciate any comments or ideas on improvements to make in the construction. What should I use for power? I was thinking about a YS 110 but if this is not available due to supply constraints; what would you suggest? I am going to use a TNT landing gear and Fiberglass Specialties Cowl and Canopy although I have not purchased them Yet. Looking for ideas!

powellrc 12-05-2004 06:09 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
I and several friends use to fly them with Super Tiger 90. Flew GREAT! Add a little re-inforcement under the fuel tank support.

BankYank 12-05-2004 07:30 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
Try an OS1.08 with a 14X8 APC prop. I did nothing to mine exept enlarge the lightining holes in the fuse a little bit and use the duel aileron servo setup. I have not flowen it yet but have seen this combo and man what a performer!

loser 12-06-2004 12:44 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
The YS 1.10 would be perfect. I built the 300 about ten or twelve years ago and put in one of YS's first 4 strokes...the f-1.20. It was an awesome combo. That was absolutely my favorite plane to fly before I got one of the patrick 1.20 size ultimates five years ago. I wish I still had the extra.....I do still have the plans.....Mmmm .....winter is just starting here.......Mmmmm.

plasticjoe 12-07-2004 09:46 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
I just put a Goldberg Extra 300 on order, already have the SuperTiger 90 to put in it. I would also be very interested in any upgrades or mods to the kit to make it better. Also what would be a good size fuel tank and prop to use on this ? Not looking for 3d, just nice aerobatics.

bjw4072 12-10-2004 03:25 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
If you will be flying from thick grass, I suggest that you try moving the landing gear forward
about an inch or so. I have no trouble on hard surfaces or very short grass, but it is very difficult
to taxi on thick grass without nosing over.

I replaced the stock landing gear with a carbon one.
Have Saito-150 in it that is excellent.

bigcam 12-11-2004 02:57 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
Now I am getting confused. Looks like ys 110's won't be available for several months. Considering OS 1.08 2C or 120 Surpass III 4C with pump. Did any one put a larger tank in their plane? Plans call for a 12 oz tank and I don"t think that is large enough for the 1.08 2C. I will be flying off grass so the LG comment is appreciated. I plan on using a TNT Al gear. Any comments are appreciated. I just got back from knocking the LG out of my Ultra Stik 40 due to a sudden gust on landing. Maybe this is the last flight till spring. This weather reallu s--ks!

Redrata 12-11-2004 04:03 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
1 Attachment(s)
Hi. I am building my second Extra. It is almost ready to cover. I angled the LG base, so when LG is sitting on the base, is a little forward. My first Extra nose over all time. Also I enlarged the rudder a lot and the ailerons. While flying my first Extra, I noticed that having more rudder would be better, so I did. I am using for power a Saito 180, the engine/plane is a nice combo, I mean, really good. I have available a YS 110, but not interested on use it here, dont think it would be fun at all. If someone would like some pics of the rudder and LG modification I will post them.

bigcam 12-11-2004 04:11 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
What size tank did you install and do you have to do any mods to install it?

donkey doctor 12-11-2004 05:13 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
Hello; I built one of those 10 years ago too, I still have mine but haven't flown it for 6 years or so. Let's see, I bought aluminum landing gear for it after the first year. Then I bought a fiberglass cowl and wheel pants the second year. I flew it with a Saito 120 for the first two years but put an OS 91 in it and liked that better, after that. I put two aileron servos in it, and covered it like the box cover. I cartwheeled it on a down wind landing and kind of mushed the wing tips up a bit. I flew it quite a bit back then but never did get around to fixing teh wing tips. It hangs in my bedroon mow, it still looks pretty good.

Redrata 12-11-2004 05:14 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
I found a Graupner square 500 cc thank that fits perfect without any modification. I will post some pics tomorrow, my camera is not here. I will show you also the rudder and the LG platform I did. I am using the TNT aluminum LG.
If not Graupner, I think you can find any other brand, but square, that is the trick.

plasticjoe 12-11-2004 10:24 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
Is that the 13 ounce graupner tank ? I have one of those in my Showflyer. I was seriously thinking of the Aluminum gear. My Goldberg Ultimate Bipe had the wire gear in the kit, didn't even try putting those on. Got a set of aluminum and love em. Any suggestions on the setup of the radio equip ? Flaps, pull pull rudder, dual elevator servos ? What are some of the setups you have used or seen used on this plane ? Any Ideas would be great. All I have decided so far is adding aluminum gear if it does not come with fiberglass cowl and pants, then getting somea those, and using a Supertiger 90 in it.

Redrata 12-12-2004 03:50 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
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Hi. My digital is an old version so pics are not that great for details. I made a new hard wood plywood LG base and glued it at certain angle so the LG is a bit forward to avoid nose over. Inside you will have to make the appropriate reinforcement with hard wood triangle stock, etc. Then you can see my gas tank, is a 500 cc!, but fits perfect into the original designed tank compartment. Last, you can see my rudder vs the original one (old plane), it actually looks more elegant and I hope that it will work much better. As for servos, I am using pull pull in rudder (90 oz), two elevators at the back of the fuse (51 each), two ailerons (around 60 oz each).

Redrata 12-12-2004 03:54 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
1 Attachment(s)
Fuel tank, rudder.

plasticjoe 12-12-2004 08:55 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
That rudder looks like my Ultimate Bipes' rudder. I may seriously consider that mod as well. One can never have too much control surface ! :)

tigil 12-17-2004 03:13 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
you have any plan to make your rudder because i want to make mine like yours

tigil 12-17-2004 03:17 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
yes i want picture of your rudder modifications

tigil 12-17-2004 03:19 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
i put a Graupner 17 0z on mine to run a YS 120 four strokes

tigil 12-17-2004 03:25 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
if you able to find an old 120 YS is the best choice ratio power weight you can put a saito 180 to have similar power but it want a lot of gas
and keep your plane under 9 lbs

Redrata 12-17-2004 09:16 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
tigil, I dont have plans for the rudder. I just look up at several Extras and made it. I was trying to keep the proportions that I saw, so there is not plan to copy. You could do the same, I have posted a pic of the modified vs. the original, it is not a difficult task at all.

tigil 12-17-2004 05:27 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
it s very important to have a good proportion because the plane go up or down when you engage the rudder

BankYank 12-17-2004 11:09 PM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
I have one built and still unflowen. I have a question about balance. How much and where did you need ot put it?
I have an OS1.08 in mine and it will need lots of tail weight.

Dauntae 12-18-2004 12:39 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
Great thread,I just picked up a older kit and planned on starting next week when I start vacation. Great pics on the rudder mod, Will be doing that one and plan on using a Saito 150 on mine. Gotta love the 4-strokes.


Redrata 12-18-2004 03:32 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
I needed more weigh at the nose with the Saito 180 in my old Extra because I used two elevator servos at the back of the fuse. I was thinking to use a Saito 150 on the new one; actually, I almost never run at full throttle the Saito 180, just once in a while for a blast of power or to show a little bit off:D. I think the 150 will give you more flying time and enough power. I also enlarged the ailerons in my old Extra and in this one. I made them very close to the fuse.

cafusin 12-22-2004 02:35 AM

RE: Goldberg Extra 300
I am building an Extra 300 from Goldberg and I would like to tint the canopy. I've seen several planes with the canopy tinted, you can still see through it, but I donĀ“t know how to do it. Any suggestions?

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