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anotherhobby 02-05-2008 08:17 PM

Ultra Sport decisions...
I've built a four star 40 and think I have time to build one more kit. The kits I have to choose from are: new 40+, an older ('90's) 40 kit, and a new 60 kit. I also have an OS 70SII NIB. I'm leaning toward
the older 40 kit, but would the 60 be an easier build for a 2nd kit, or are they about the same? Any advantages either way?

*JCB* 02-05-2008 09:15 PM

RE: Ultra Sport decisions...
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I think the 40 and 60 sized ultra sport kits are identical except for the size. I built the 40 and loaded it up with a YS 63. I really love flying this plane. It's fast, precise and just a joy to fly. Can't speak for the 60 as i have never flown that, but you can't go wrong with either one.

The US40 was my third kit build - it was a little time consuming with all the carving and shaping, but over all it was a fairly simple build.


Top_Gunn 05-12-2008 07:59 PM

RE: Ultra Sport decisions...
The Ultra Sport 40 is a great kit. And it's even better if you lower the stabilizer one inch so that it's on the thrust line. It makes the rolls much more axial.

hrrcflyer 05-13-2008 07:10 AM

RE: Ultra Sport decisions...

If you are seriously leaning towards using your OS 70SII, then I'm afraid you'll have to build a US 40. IMHO, you will not be happy with your OS in a US 60, no matter how light you build it. On the other hand your OS on a US 40 would be an excellent combination.

Good luck with your decision and your kit building. If you run into any problems while you are building your kit, just post a question here and you will get excellent advice on how to resolve your problems, and the people here on RCU are more than willing to help you out.

One last thing. I'll second JCB's comment. Retracts are a MUST!!!

SpeedBoy 05-14-2008 02:48 AM

RE: Ultra Sport decisions...
I have flown both 40 and 60 and they are exceptional airplanes , 40 is a little faster than the 60 IMH ( US 40 with YS 45 and tuned pipe and US 60 with O.S. 61 FS and tuned pipe) but the construction is the same one only different wood size .

And yes an Ultra Sport without retracts is not an Ultra Sport :D

HFrank 05-14-2008 08:35 AM

RE: Ultra Sport decisions...
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The US+ is also a terrific choice, can fly fast or slow and is highly aerobatic.

buzzingb 05-14-2008 12:02 PM

RE: Ultra Sport decisions...
With the 70 four stroke engine you plan on using I would go with the US40+ I have one and it would be great with that engine. The other US you mention are more suited for two stroke engine and faster flying. I have a US 40+ that I lengthened about 3" in the rear and mounted a Super Tiger 90 on the front. It flies great at high speeds or slow. I built one stock about 5 years ago and it flew well also with 46 engine.

Gary496 06-04-2008 12:53 AM

RE: Ultra Sport decisions...
I have just maidened a 40+ with a Surpass 70. Sweet flyer. Easy build and no carving the nose as with the others. The 70 is not over power for the airframe, but maybe it with be better with more time on the motor.


bigugly 06-04-2008 01:06 PM

RE: Ultra Sport decisions...
another vote for the US40 (not the +)

carlosponti 06-04-2008 01:31 PM

RE: Ultra Sport decisions...
all of them are going to build about the same I have the plus version and while I like it I want an original. Mine has a Saito 72 with a 13x4w on mine and it flies good. You are going to find that the plus will be easier to build than even the 4 star because its a newer design with interlocking fool proof parts. the US 60 will fly with a 70 surpass but it will fly conservative. with a 12x8 or something like that OS 70 might do ok on that 60. size. If you decide on the 60 with that surpass do the retracts and maybe even dedicated flaps. for info on this look up Minnflyer who has done this before and its great. One thing i dont like about my plus is the ABS plastic cowl. I would much rather have a balsa cowl.

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