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Revolution Mixing - I wanna Lock that tail.

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Revolution Mixing - I wanna Lock that tail.

Old 05-19-2003, 07:11 AM
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Default Revolution Mixing - I wanna Lock that tail.

Hi There People.

I own two LMH's. One converted to electric and uses a gy 130 piezo gyro, and the other LMH is powered by a vmax 6.0. , andI still have the Arlton Gyro on this one.

I use Revolution mixing on my Nitro heli with the arlton gyro, but not on my Electric with the piezo.

The point of this whole thread is that I want to know exactly how many of you guys are using Revolution mixing on your helis, whether it be electric or nitro; or whether you sing the Arlton or piezo. What are the common values for RVU and RVD??

My nitro's tail stability, is pretty good, but not that great. Still needs a fiddle now and then. I'd like it to be like my bigger helis: Dead straight. ( hope this is possible) My Piezo electric version is as good as the arlton as well, pretty good but not how I would like it to be.

Both helis definitely fly well, but I would definitely like the tail to be locked if possible.

So if any one can tell me what techniques they used to keep the tail stable, it would help.



ps. I'm not going to go buy a Futaba 240
Old 05-19-2003, 01:47 PM
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Default Revolution Mixing - I wanna Lock that tail.

Umm Revo mixing is for CP helis but the Corona is FP so shouldn't need it. If you want the tail locked then get an HH gyro.

Old 05-19-2003, 01:54 PM
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Default Revolution mixing.

If Rvo mixing is only for CP helis, why can I only fly my litemachines heli with arlton gyro only if i have some revo mixing added to my radio.

From what I understand, revo mixing adjusts tail rotor with every input of throttle. Only when I add revo mixing on my heli, does the tail stop spinning and it does not spin when I drop the throttle.

This is the only thing that seems to help with the arlton gyro.

so I guess I have always never had the darn thing set up properly..

Is this so?
Old 05-19-2003, 04:16 PM
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Default Revolution Mixing - I wanna Lock that tail.

I flew my LMH 100+ for a good 5 years with the first Arlton gyro and the revo mixing on my radio, Futaba 6XA. The concept of revo mixing holds true for both fixed and collective pitch machines. Ideally at every throttle (or throttle and pitch for cp) setting, there exists some amount of tail rotor input which will provide the appropriate amount of torque to counteract the torque of the engine. You are on the right track with your nitro LMH w/ Arlton, keep at it.

As far as the specific settings, I can not remember as I have switched over to a Futaba gy401 gyro on my LMH. The revo mix tuning process for the fixed pitch LMH should be the same as with your big heli’s. I can offer you no further advice other than to keep trying to improve your mixing curves. One thing to check might be the in hover angle of the Arlton gyro. I assume you have the whole works on in the correct orientation with the pivot mount setscrew on the bottom and the everything teeters very freely… In a stable hover while inputting no rudder commands take a look at the spinning gyro. If the gyro is tilted one way or another, even though you are not putting in any rudder commands and zero wind is affecting the heli, you may have to adjust the weight of the small counterweight bolts in the tail rotor blade roots. The instructions mention doing this but do not provide any guidelines for when to use lighter or heaver bolts.

If I were to compare the best performance I ever realized out of the Arlton setup with revo mixing to the gy401, the gy401 is vastly superior. While the Arlton gyro was certainly flyable the tail was never anywhere near “locked”. If anything flying with the Arlton gyro taught me how to use very smooth and small throttle inputs to keep the heli doing what I wanted. I even tried flying with no gyro at all and found I was quite able to. When I switched over to the gy401 I found the difference amazing. With the gy401 in heading hold mode, I can hover a tank without ever touching the rudder stick and land pointing in the same direction I took off. The normal rate mode is also extremely good in comparison to the Arlton setup.

Probably not what you wanted to hear, but I doubt you will ever be able to match the locked tail feeling of your big helis and their gyros. The small light weight LMH is already at a serious disadvantage with its tiny moment of inertia about the yaw axis. This doesn’t mean the Arlton gyro can’t produce flight which is quite good, but it just doesn’t compare to a computer sensing disturbances and making all the tiny corrections for you.

For what it is worth,

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