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crx_ef8 11-22-2003 01:21 AM

my first helicopter gas lLMH any tips?
I just bought a used rtf gas lmh. I am having dificulty flying it, everytime when I raise up the throttle the helicopter it keep moving around, is hard to hover, but I think I am getting the hang of it, any tips for newbies? oh and is it easier to fly with a eletronic gyro or the mechanical one? one more questions when I start my helicopter, i dont hold on to the blad I hold on to the crutch, what happens if it touch the blade while the engine is on low? in the instruction manual it says holdo n to the blade but im not really sure about that is kinda of scary. give me some tips pros:D

cherikeered 11-22-2003 07:12 AM

RE: my first helicopter gas lLMH any tips?
Put on training skids, then throttle up until it gets light and wants to slide around. If it slides or turns in one direction, give it some trim in the opposite. If you max out your trims then you need to stop and shorten or lengthen your linkages on the heli until everything is centered. You should practice hovering about 4-6 feet off the ground. Dont worry about breaking this copter! If it crashed from this(or just about any) height it probably wont break. I've slammed into the ground from about 50 ft and full throttle and only had to rebend the landing gear. Just remember that when you throttle up and down that it wants to turn because of the torque, so when you set your yaw(rudder) trim make sure you are at a constant throttle setting. If the tail swings around uncontrollably it may be your gyro settings. Also about the blades, you can hold the blades stopped while at low throttle, but when at full throttle do not touch the blades! They cut and give you a nasty bruise(from experience). I always start my heli by holding onto the back of the crutch with my thumb and forefinger, while wrapping the other three fingers around the boom, just keep your forearm away from the spinning blades. I broke my engine in at full throttle this way and always start and setup the needle this way also. You should be able to put your thumb over the carb too. Its easier but you just have to be careful, and have a long enough forearm:D Hope this helps...If all else fails get a simulator. This is my first real heli(had an xrb lama with cord), but have mostly been flying on realflight. Simulators Work! I was able to fly full throttle fast circuits the very first time i took off(after trimming of course)and that was yesterday! I also had some plane experience too which may have helped. Just keep trying and learn one thing at a time and you will soon be jumping up and down shouting and doing a victory dance.(maybe thats just me):D

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