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Vettster 10-06-2012 06:02 PM

Clair Murray is Gone!!!!
Clair Murray the now FORMER ZD for zone "L"(southern Ontario) has been voted out of his position of ZD by a Wopping 85%!!! This comes one year before the end of his term, and as far as I know...the first ZD ever to be removed from power before the end of his term.

He wont be missed by me[:'(]

Brad Egan is now the Deputy ZD and will most likely be appointed ZD by the president of MAAC.

bbbair 10-07-2012 12:22 AM

RE: Clair Murray is Gone!!!!
I am not in Zone 'L' but I can appreciate the situation (from what I have read), after such a situation I am always left wondering just what the instigator (Clair) thought they were going to accomplish?

There is no money in the job, no prestige and the issues that brought about the situation are of no concern until they make it a problem... [:@]

Next! Let's see what Clair does about his impeachment. By reputation he will not take this lightly and legal action is reputed to be his normal form of rebuttal. [:'(]

Details to follow...

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