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Jim_Purcha 11-21-2013 10:19 AM

Garry Reusch "Lightening B" - looking for molds
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For the Canadian pattern flyers, here is a unique request:

"Hi Jim

This is a shot in the dark but thought I would ask a pattern guy with local knowledge.

I am looking for a set of Lightning B molds which my dad Brent would have sold in the late 70's-early 80's when we shut down GB Glass Products. Because I had moved to Australia in '77; I asked dad to sell the molds for the Lightning B, Canuck trainer, Cutie Pie, Mr Smoothie, Chinook and Johnson Special ; which he did.

Apart from the Canuck trainer molds in Calgary at Jim Pepperdine's , I have been unable to locate any of the others.

My dad passed in February of last year after suffering from Alzheimer's for the last few years and was unable to communicate who he had sold them to.

Thanks and best wishes for the building season!

Garry Reusch

ps I am heading to Australia next month and will see how Jeff Tracy is doing with his Intruder. He was very grateful for the plans and already had the stab and elevators built when I left last March."

From an email in March of these year.

Hi Jim

Yes and Yes.

Thankyou for sending the picture of the Lightning B.

I designed and kitted the Lightning B with my dad Brent as GB Glass Products during the mid 70's.

The Lightning B in the picture was one of 2 that I flew in the 1975 world F3A champs in Bern Switzerland on the Canadian team with Ivan Kristensen and Warren Hitchcox. I also flew it in Lichtenstein in a post WC contest with Wolfgang and Norbert Matt and Gunter Hoppe and then the TOC in '75.

Bern is where I met Jeff Tracy who offered me a job. I worked in Australia for him from '77-'82 and had my dad sell my r/c competition stuff. I was out of the hobby for a few years and have been back in since 2000. Electrics and gas. My dad passed a year ago after suffering from Alzheimers for the last few years. He loved his modelling and finished off flying IMAC style 80cc airplanes.

I know that one of my Bern Lightning B's still exists in Unity SK owned by Lorne S ; can't remember his last name.

I am in Australia til the end of the month where I fly AIr Tractor 802 water bombers seasonally. Then it's home to Calgary where I fly the same airplanes for Conair.

Jeff is into all things nostalgia and asked me to chase down the Intruder plans for him. Thank you for making this possible.


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