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Rcu questions

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Originally Posted by IBJoel View Post
Ah, OK. Our team is currently working on restoring functionality. Even I don't have permission.
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I am trying to rate a buyer who purchased some receivers from me. The system say I do not have permissions to post. Is my membership active?

Thank you,
Gary Kitchner
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Yeah, I don't see how a rating works anymore myself, also, why is there a ghost image of the one item I removed because the ad was unsuccessful? Who wants to see that every time they look? So I'm reminded not to list here anymore? Why should I keep seeing this in my screen indefinitely? Why did you make posting an ad a process like using Turbo Tax?
Who chose the subcategories for Airplanes? Not anyone in the hobby, that's for sure.
1/2 A & 1/8 A Accessories Aerial Photography Aerobatic & 3D Biplanes Combat Control Line Delta or Flying Wings Free Flight

Where is sport planes? Where are trainers? Where are foam planes? Where are glow powered / gas powered planes? Where are balsa / framed up planes? Do people actually use Free Flight and Combat anymore? Where is Pattern planes then?

In the radio category, who worked on the subcategory here? Another non hobbyist?
Accessories Aircraft Systems Batteries & Chargers Delta or Flying Wings General Radio Equipment Gyros Receiver Only Servos Only Transmitter Only

Most radios, are sold with a receiver, where is that combination? You never had it.

Engines, this is pretty thorough, almost redundant. What goes in the general engines and motors, after you specified every kind? Do you mean engine parts? Glow plugs, mufflers, pipes?

​​​​​ 2 Stroke Glow 4 Stroke Glow Antiques & Collectibles Diesel Motors Electric Gasoline Engines General Engines & Motors Turbine Engines Twin & Multi Engines

Also, why not just copy RCG to some degree short of a lawsuit, since you lost THOUSANDS of RCU members to that user friendly site years ago?
Who really comes here anymore to shop? Why do you persist in fixing a convoluted format when you should simply have abandoned it 12 years ago? This isn't your first try either. I've see the rcgroups format used on many sites, why not invest in what works?

This is beautifully organized for reference purposes. If you want to adjust RCU, just add every feature you see here - thanks. It's like comparing the driving experience between a vintage 2 stroke Saab vs a new Lexus. The dominating RC site that stole your thunder 10 years ago. The good news, all your banned members went there, and so did the scammers I imagine. Good job.

Do you still designate adults from minors here actively when it's reported? I really hate 14 year old's telling me to meet them half way to trade kits and not showing up when they pretended to be an adult in several emails, or they buy with moms PayPal account and she has no idea where her funds went and reports she never authorized the transaction and says she's not a forum member so I lost the funds and the kit. You guys protecting your sellers and buyers? That would bring people back, but you got to be pro-active. Do you ban scammers immediately like JWN did in the good old days when you could really move RC here?
Best of luck in keeping your nose above water here. But it's looking like too much water under the bridge from the other side of the pond, and I was your biggest advocate a couple years ago too. Boy did I get slammed for it. I won't mention his user name since he's a member here as well. Oh the hypocrisy.

All of my questions are not rhetorical.
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mongo (05-15-2020)
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I'm consulting with Ken and one of our product/software guys on some of these questions.
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I sold a couple of engines, bought a couple of kits and an engine, buyers/sellers had a hard time trying to rate me and gave up. I worked at it and rated them.
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IBJoel (05-15-2020)

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