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nick0231 11-15-2018 08:23 AM

JetCentral Dual Sequencer New in Box
JetCentral Dual Sequencer New in box $175

4 languages (Spanish, English, French and German)
4 pressure units (bar, kg/cm2, KPas, psi)
Independent Gear and Canopy sequencer
Servo canopy speed programmable
Mode gear programmable
Delay between doors opening
Main door selectable (COMP1 or COMP2)
Wrong position start up fail-safe
Programmable pressure and voltage gear fail safe
2 input channels (gear & canopy)
5 servos outputs (gear, door 1, door 2, canopy, lock canopy)
8 timers (5 for gear and 3 for canopy)
Automatic back light shutdown
Programmable (ATV) and servo reverse in all output channels
Automatic alarm visualization
Servos positioning visualization
Pressure and voltage visualization
Easy programming with LCD screen and four push buttons
(+, -, OK, ESC)
Aluminium case with fixing holes
Low consumption
Width range voltage (5.5 v a 9.9 v)

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