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flyingchef 09-21-2019 08:43 PM

Collection of new Sullivan and Du-Bro control rods
I have the following collection of control rods for sale, they are mainly Sullivan and some Du-Bro
All new in bags
Here is the list:
Sullivan GOLD-N-ROD 503 1
Sullivan GOLD-N-ROD 504 7
Sullivan GOLD-N-ROD 505 3
Sullivan GOLD-N-ROD 506 4
Sullivan GOLD-N-CABLE 507 1
Sullivan GOLD-N-CABLE 508 1
Sullivan STEEL ROD 511 3
Sullivan GOLD-N-ROD 517 1
Du-Bro Lazer Rods 501 3

Priced from Tower Hobbies, the total cost is $223.32, the first $100 gets the all collection shipped CONUS
Thank you,

perdo 09-22-2019 01:50 PM

PM sent
I sent you a PM on this Item

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