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furloughed ual 10-17-2019 11:25 AM

Large fei bao hawker hunter $4900
Large Hawker Hunter from FB. Approximately 20 flights. Was built for and flown at Top Gun. This was not just assembled.....everything that could be tweaked and reengineered for reliability and improvement was done. Estimated 100+ hrs rebuilding and improving the airframe.
  • New Futaba 9177 servos with metal arms
  • Powerbox Mercury with internal Igyro
  • all fuel tank seams glassed with 1" cloth to ensure they never leak at the seams and plumbed with Viton tubing inside the tanks.....will NEVER harden like Tygon
  • landing gear ribs that support the gear mounts were laminated with carbon fiber plate, as the stock setup is inadequate for long term operation on a jet this size
  • retracts disassembled, re o-ringed, and shimmed to remove the standard FB play
  • quick connection of electrical and air at the wing root for ease of assembly at the field
  • allen wrench alignment tubes in the fuselage direct the ball driver directly to the wing clamp bolts....NO searching for the bolt head!
  • wing mounting blocks were tightened and hysol'd to the former ensuring they will never loosen up with continued use
  • stock gear door air cylinders tossed in the trash and replaced with high quality Ultra Precision air cylinders and the geometry for the linkages was improved....see the inflight picture....all gear doors closed up tight :)
  • silicone servo wire in the hot section going to the servos in the tail....the airframe will burn before this wire is compromised
  • Jetronics fully proportional brake valve and retract sequencer
  • it was flown with a Kingtech K210 and it was perfect. The turbine was taken for another project so it is not included.
Anyone who knows me knows my stuff. I CONSISTENTLY "fuel and fly" at the field....no working on jets instead of flying. That sucks the fun right out of the hobby for me....

I have more pics available. PM me

Buyer pay shipping method of your choice and crating.

Approximately $8k invested to get it to this point w/o turbine and that doesn't include the build. The price is more than fair and firm for a jet of this size.

jetmandan43@yahoo.com 10-22-2019 10:28 AM

I am interested
I thought that I had sent this to you earlier,

I am interested in your jet.

Do the recievers come with the plane? I have the 18 MZ could you include your programming on a memory card?

Could you price out crating and shipping to 92203?

I am president ot www.cvrcclub.com we host the Coachella Jet Jam every February.


Daniel Metz

jetmandan43@yahoo.com 10-22-2019 02:22 PM

What a spammer.

Javiena means <mjaviena@gmail.com>

22 Oct at 2:04 pm
I saw where you needed one to buy,not sure if you found one already..I

have one for sale at $3000 (shipping inclusive)..

Payment - Paypal (discreet family and friends)/VENMO/CHECK/MONEY ORDER

Shipping via fedex or usps with tracking

Procedure - 50% deposit while balance to be paid after you have

received item and inspected ok for those living within the US

furloughed ual 10-25-2019 06:04 AM

Dan, I don't understand your second post above? Is that Javiena someone who contacted you saying he also has a Hunter to sell for $3000?

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