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Vacman 02-19-2020 09:38 AM

JetCat SP-5 Turbo-prop engine
Complete, RTF engine with all components that came with from OEM. Swings a 3-blade 25x12 prop
Never wrecked, runs strong.
This Engine was mounted in my C-ARF Tucano for many years, however the airplane always needed the larger SP-10 Engine for my higher altitude (Denver) operations.
It's got less than 10 hours TT on it.
I've got the JetCat instruction manual; it's kero-start; and I always ran the cleaner kerosene fuel (never diesel), with JetCat Turbine Oil.
Ping me for more information
Does not include the GSU, however I have one available for another $100

wowlf 02-20-2020 12:29 PM

How much $

rontlc 02-20-2020 04:08 PM

How much?

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