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dmyers0403 05-12-2020 11:36 AM

New LX-A10 2-70mm EDF 66" Wing
Original LX-A10 recently assembled, but never flown.
This is a large 60" wingspan EDF. Just needs your radio installed, control setup and balanced for flight.
Stock 70mm fans. Manual included.
New Retracts from FMS 66" A-10 replaced original for better looks and improved operational performance-dependability.
Larger tires should allow grass field operation.
I have original updated retracts included in price but don't consider them as good as the new FMS units.
Installed on board switch for 5 cell nicad pack for all receiver/Servo functions. Ordinal BEC is in plane if preferred, but disconnected.
Wings are not installed for shipping or personnel transport. Wings have carbon fiber spars with carbon fiber joiner rods. Wings can be easily modified for removal or permanently installed per buyer discretion.
The canopy lift motor does not work and the led lights are not connected. Light at easily be connected as desired by buyer.
Canopy ejection Servo has been removed but included. Pilot with chute is included.
All wing pylons, armament and fuselage tank with kit is included but not installed.

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