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skunkwurk 08-10-2020 09:15 AM

Advanced Technologies IM22 Servo Match - New In Box
I bought several of these for a project and have two extras. They are brand new in the packaging. These are great for matching dual-rudders, dual-elevators or dual-ailerons for zero binding. Buyer pays paypal and shipping fee.
Intellimatch IM22 Specifications
- 32 bit Processor for the highest speed and resolution in the industry.
- 2 channels and 2 sets of servos for automatic servo matching (IM22)
- 100 matched point across the servo sweep range.
- 82 step real time interpolation between the 100 matched points.
- PWM resolution of up to 8200 steps.
- Dual LED indication for programming feedback.
- Recommended battery chemistry - Life (2 cells), LiPo (2 cells), Lion (2 cells), NiCd(5cells),Nimh(5 cells).
- Maximum input voltage 10 volts.
- Minimum input voltage 5 volts.
- Compatible with all receivers and Power Distribution systems
- Dual fail safe arming with the supplied arming plug.
- On board Flash storage - 100 year data retention.
- Weight is only 12 grams.
- Dimensions 49mm x 23mm (3.5 x 2.5 inches).

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