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Jonboy2 11-08-2020 11:46 AM

MOKI 180 Radial
I have decided to sell my Moki 180 Radial. I myself, have only bench ran this engine. Previous owner only put a dozen flights on it in a warbird, P47 I believe. Engine comes with following
--Moki 180 Radial SN#180253
--upgraded CH ignitions ignition for the 180. Works much better than the stock "top hat" ignition
--APS fuel pump- recommended by almost everyone who flies these
--Very nice machined warbird prop hub and spacer
--two 2 into 1 Moki exhausts
--aluminum exhaust extensions
--Kunkel air filter
--three SEP props. 26 x 18
The engine runs beautiful. I am asking $3100 for this package. Engine will be shipped in original box. Buyer to cover PayPal fees and shipping. Thanks. Jon.
Below is a video of a bench run from two days ago.

WarbirdAirRacer 05-19-2021 06:43 AM

Still have this Moki Jon?

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