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Baron243 11-21-2020 06:56 PM

Zenoah G38 EI (converted to electronic Ignition)

Well known as an industry Standard this G-38 originally had a magneto (parts included); and it has been converted to an RCxel electronic ignition.(included) Add your 4.8v nicd battery and an 18x8, 18x10 prop and you are good to go! The electronic conversion is easier starting, a little lighter and makes a little more power than the magneto version. Great engine for those 30cc planes! Great Planes & Hangar 9 Big Stick and others.

Included are a Bisson Custom Pitts muffler, a Tatone aluminum standoff engine mount, and a spring starter. (The magneto parts are also included just in case you want to restore the engine to its original configuration.) Recommended oil ratio 30/32:1

[The spring starter requires a cup mount (Available from B&B Specialties, LLC - www.bennettbuilt.com - inner race is already installed on rear shaft - lubricate the bearing with high temp grease before assembly.)]

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