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Chevy-SS 04-21-2021 10:17 AM

Huge Thunder Tiger EK-4 Lot - 3 trucks and parts!
I have for sale a huge Thunder Tiger EK-4 Lot - 3 trucks and parts!

$950 for everything. Shipping to cont USA only. There will be two medium size boxes, total weight of about 50 pounds.

One EK-4 (the purple one) is a totally custom show truck, it probably cost me $2,000 to put it together. It has maybe two tanks of fuel run through it, with after-run oil carefully applied. You can see the bottom of the chassis does not have one scratch on it. It is truly a beautiful truck.

The second truck is the one I bashed with. It runs strong when tuned and maintained properly. It has a MSJ 2-speed conversion kit installed, which really boosts the top speed. It would wheelie when shifting into 2nd gear, it's quite a show of power.

The 3rd truck is a parts truck, but is mostly together, and could be a running truck without too much work.

I'm including some awesome servos for this price, listed below:
Custom truck: Hitec - Steering - HS945MG
Custom truck: Hitec - Throttle - HS645MG
2-speed truck: Hitec - Steering - HS5945MG
2-speed truck: Airtronics - Throttle - 94357

PayPal only. PM me if interested. Thanks for looking, Dave F.

PS - I can provide links to seller feedback, if so desired. I always sell quality stuff at steep discounts.... basically just getting rid of my RC stuff, not trying to make any money.

Vintagecollector 04-21-2021 10:26 AM

Iíll take it
Iíll take it! Iíll pm you for more details

Chevy-SS 04-21-2021 10:36 AM

OK, looks like world's fastest sale, LOL. But it IS truly a great deal.... a steal actually.

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