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hitec9 07-23-2021 05:47 AM

Monster Energy Graphics..
These Monster Energy Decals are self-adhesive and laminated with 3M 8518 to make them fuel-proof and ready to apply to your model. One set is standard white and the other is specialty chrome.

My eBay store reflects my feedback https://www.ebay.com/str/cgvinylstud...p2047675.l2563

Photos cannot do the chrome decals justice so please view our short video to see them in natural light -
(0 min 42 sec)

Details of the decals included in this listing;
Sizes of each graphic range from .50" to 2.50" in size (if you need specific dimensions on any of the decals, please message me)
Total decals - 54 (27 per sheet)
Price per decal - $.46 shipped

If you would like one sheet or the other instead of both, the price is $15 shipped.

If you would like to purchase this listing, please send payment to [email protected]. Please choose "paying for an item or service" when sending the payment so we can upload your tracking number directly to PayPal.

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