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Jeff Foley 07-29-2021 08:55 AM

A lot of seven larger props. Most have not been drilled or used.

1 Vess 22C (drilled and lightly used, no damage)
1 Vess 19E (new)
1 Master Airscrew Classic series 18-8 (new)
1 Zinger 16-8 (lightly used, no damage)
1 APC 20-8 (new in package)
1 APC 15-7 (new)
1 Master Airscrew Scimitar 16-6 (New in package)

Price includes shipping!!

ablesrc 07-29-2021 05:56 PM

$50.00 and I'll pay shipping.

Jeff Foley 07-30-2021 06:14 AM

Originally Posted by ablesrc (Post 12687885)
$50.00 and I'll pay shipping.

Thank for the offer.....but I'll pass.

ablesrc 07-30-2021 09:40 AM

Thanks for the reply back. I understand.

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