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Check6 08-11-2021 08:27 AM

American Eagle 95 in. Hellcat kit Sell/Trade
This is an American Eagle Hellcat kit that is based on the Ziroli Hellcat kit. Comes with a full epoxy glass fuse with formers installed, Glass cowl, two NIP Canopys, 3 belly pans, and rear fuse caps, main gear doors. The wing and stab is presheeted foam cores. The main wing is cut in half for easier shipping and just needs to be epoxied back together by the builder. The kit comes with brand new set of Ziroli Plans for the Hellcat and wing tubing to make it a 3 piece wing. Also comes with a complete brand new set of Robart mains and tail wheel retracts with new wheels and a full air support 175 VX deluxe system.
There is a complete build thread on RC Scalebuilder for this kit. This gives you a great head start on building a large Hellcat with glass fuse and presheeted foam wings.

Will trade for Tops RC Corsair and add cash difference
$1500 can be shipped by Greyhound Bus Will split shipping and Buyer pays Paypal fees LPU in New England would be helpful.

scale-nut 08-13-2021 06:33 PM

Possibly Intetested, You said you cut the wing in half, was the main spar in wing when you cut apart, ,Otherwize glueing wing together is not enough strength, Or is there a provision to slide in a main spar , Can you show center section in photo's where it was cut in half, And both wings top and bottom of work that was done..

Check6 08-14-2021 09:31 AM

There is no main spar at the center and the outer panels. Usually the wing halves are glued together and then a full slot is cut into the panels. Then a plywood spar both front and back is epoxied in from top to bottom sheeting. This is done after the retracts are fitted so the spar can be glued into the retract boxes. I also have an aluminum tube set up to make it a 3 piece wing or a two piece wing joined in the middle. If you reference the build thread on RCscalebuilder it explains everything. Send me you email and I'll get detailed pics of the wing for you.

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