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Austars 09-04-2021 07:20 AM

AEROFOAM 1900mm Length HAWK PNP Plus Turbine Version w/2 x 1350cc & 1 x 120cc UAT Tan
PNP version Includes: new material 20X Class foam strong than any other brands
  • Complete ARF plane
  • JP electric retracts 75mm brake
  • 5 x 35g Metal servos+ 1 x 60g metal servo for Elevator+ 4 x 12g metal servos
  • 120cc UAT+ 2 x 1350cc Fuel tank
  • Exhaust Pipe
  • Plus version includes Carbon fiber elevator for high speed performance. it is different from other brands on the market.
Plug & Play your own turbine engine and receiver, Go fly!(3-5 days boarding) after the order is placed

This hawk is a 1/6.25 scale turbine jets designed for 60-80 size turbine. But this version is specially upgraded to suit a 120mm EDF. All features are the same as in the turbine version, except for the desintiy of the foam. The foam is adapted for the needs of EDF planes which results in less weight as the turbine version.

With a wingspan of over 59 inches and fuselage length over 75 inches, this is by far the largest turbine powered foam jet in the market today. With its size, the wing load is really light even after we add the scale details such as flaps, tail hook, navigation lights, full moving stab to name a few. These scale details and light wind loading make it a perfect scale trainer jet just like its full size sibling.

This scale jets can be fully decked out for serious scale competition. It comes installed with truly functional.
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3 Fully hinged offset flaps designed to work with slats for balanced Center of Lift and Drag, just like the full scale
  4. 4 Vortex generators on the wings
  5. 5 Full moving stabilizer - Yes, full stab controlled by a high torque digital servos
  6. 3 x Navigation lights - Installed.
  7. 6 JP Scale landing gear - electric retract system with electric brakes with scale struts, catapult hooks, gear doors, inflatable wheels fully installed.
  8. 7 Tailhook with pin to point - ready for adding retractable mechanism for scale carrier landing approach
  9. 8 Built in 3S dual input redundancy voltage regulator and power distribution system - UBEC with
  10. 9 selectable output (5-6V for servos), 7.4-8.4V for brake and retract system.
  11. 10
Length: 69 inches (1753mm) Fuselage only, 74.99 inches (1904mm with Pitot tube)

Wingspan 59.1 inches (1500 mm)


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