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smcharg 09-13-2021 04:49 AM

T1 Sport Jet RTF
This is the T1 Sport Jet from Pacific R/C Jets. This jet is fully loaded and has a total of 4 flights on it. Weight with full UAT and about 1" of fuel in the main tank is 30 lbs. (Weight includes 2 2800mah RX 2S Lipos, LiFe 3800mah, and 1100mah 2S for retracts and lights)

Jet includes:
T1 Sport Jet
T1 Electric Retracts w/ LG15 controller
Smoke system, pump and tank (system not installed except for tank)
Lighting System from T One (Red beacon on top, White on bottom, Nav lights on wings, Landing light on nose gear)
Powerbox Mercury with iGyro and GPS Sensor
KingTech 140G2 with 57 minutes total time
Savox 1270TG Servos on all surfaces and NG Steering
T1 Wing, Stab, and Spar tube bag
Revoc Wing + Tail bags custom for T1

I'm moving on to a different project. No trades. The jet flies beautifully and am only selling it to complete this other project. There was zero trim required aside from a little up elevator due to the CG being slightly forward for the initial flights. The paint is gorgeous and there are no painted logos on this one (specifically requested during build).

I will not ship but will drive a reasonable distance from Houston Texas for delivery. The price is pretty firm as this is a brand new, very well-behaved, beautiful jet.

smcharg 09-21-2021 06:37 AM

Originally Posted by kenhill90 (Post 12695380)
I'm interested in buying your item hope you still have it for sell?
What is the condition of the item?
What is your last asking price?
Do you accept check as method of payments?
Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Ken,

I will PM you.


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