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peter 098 09-20-2021 04:17 AM

Rc model airplanes
Hello everyone, you probably seen my last postings from last week. These are new models that i am posting, if you are interested I can send you pictures just let me know. My phone number is 708 973 2419. These models are only local pickup, i am not interested in shipping. Pickup will be again next weekend at the same location, 4076 IL-71, Sheridan, IL 60551. Please let me know if you are interested in anything so I can put you on the list. Thank you.

Global Aerojet viper jet turbine, 70in ws $2500

ESM Fairey Swordfish, 85in ws $1000

Top Rc Spitfire, 81in ws $1000

Hanger 9 F4u corsair, 65in ws $350

Phoenix model p-51, 61in ws $250

x2 CMP DeHavilland Mosquito, 73in ws $300

CMP spitfire, 70in ws $300

Seagull DeHavilland Mosquito,80in ws $400

CMP Ep-c160, 1450mm ws $150

Top flight Douglas DC-3 kit, 82.5in ws $250

The world models p-51D, 65in ws $250

CMP P-51D, 71in ws $300

CMP HA-420 Honda jet, 64in ws $300

x2 CMP transall c-160, 72in ws $300

Hanger 9 B-25j, 80in ws $500

ESM B-25j, 95in ws $750

CMP Skyline-421 twin engine, 71in ws $200

KMP Bonanza A36, 80in ws $700

x2 short tucano t1, 65in ws $150

CMP at-6, 82in ws $200

MXS-RflatSPIN 09-20-2021 09:56 PM

Do i see on the wall the tail feathers of an Ultimate Biplane?

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