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Flylady21 10-16-2021 12:33 PM

Super Tigre S2000 Engine & Muffler - Unused
Super Tigre S2000/25 Engine with rare Muffler - 24.89 c.c. displacement. 30 mm Stroke. 32.50 mm. Max torque 240 Kgf. Mm at 7900 rpm. Suggested prop size is 20x6 18x8 break in; 18x8 18x6 16x8 normal use. Made in Italy. Never used. Fuel: requires much less rich than usual. Using fuel based on methanol and castor oil, the percentage of oil will be of 15% during the initial running. Adding 5-10% of nitro in fuel will improve both performance & idling. The use of 20% castor oil, as usual, is most prejudicial to the performance of the engine. Shipping is extra and will be the most economical way possible. Shipping in U.S. only. PayPal only.

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