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Airplanes400 06-26-2022 03:22 AM

BVM F-16 Ducted Fan or Turbine Jet from the 1990's - Assembled & painted
This is the BVM F-16 Jet from the 1990's that is ready for you to finish by doing the last steps to complete and install your preference of power source, servos and electronics.

Scale is 1:8.5
Length 70"
Wingspan 46"

Comes complete with all necessary fiberglass ducting to set it up with a ducted fan system (not included), if that is the way you want to go.

All the major work has been completed including the landing gear and air cylinders for gear doors.

The wings have not been permanently attached. So you can permanently attach them or make them detachable for easier transport to and from the field. Which was my intent. Also, the vertical fin and elevons have not been permanently attached.

Includes the cockpit, instruction manual, plans and all the remaining plywood, fuel tanks and fiberglass components to finish installing a ducted fan power system (not included). Or you can set it up for turbine or electric turbo-fan power.

The canopy is crystal clear but appears green in the photos due to the green tape that was applied when the jet was painted.

All work on the jet was done by BVM. This is a one-of-a-kind.

LOCAL PICKUP IS THE ONLY OPTION - shipping would be more than $600 due to the cost of constructing a crate and then shipping such a large box.

The kit and the landing gear cost more than I'm asking. The assembly alone was well over $4,000

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