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coolt5 07-09-2018 12:24 AM

Emax HAWK 5 with R-XSR Receiver
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Hi all

i have a EMAX HAWK5 and i just install my Frsky R-XSR receiver to get a telemetry as S.PORT or F.PORT.

but i was unlucky until now i couldn't get telemetry to work . like PIDs , RATES , FILTERS , PWM , RX and VTX

S.PORT : Attachment 2261233Attachment 2261233
i connect the sbus+5v+ground and S.PORT to TX in UART 3 and trying the cli commands line for inverted to on and off = But it didn't work

F.PORT : Attachment 2261233Attachment 2261233
i flash my r-xsr with the f.port protocol and connect all wires to UART6 AND UART1 : 5V+ground+s.port to TX in UART1. select F.PORT IN CONFIGURATION
and try CLI commands :
set serialrx_halfduplex = OFF
set serialrx_inverted = ON

but it now working .

Attachment 2261233 Attachment 2261233SO ANY HELP PLS I JUST WANT TO CHANGES MY SETTING FROM MY TARANIS X9D+ Attachment 2261233 Attachment 2261233

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