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Jimbo63 12-29-2018 04:20 AM

Updating Transmitter/Receiver on BLADE 350 QX3 Quadcopter
I have a BLADE 350 QX3 Quadcopter with a Spektrum DX4 transmitter. To keep away from the GoPro camera 2.4GHz band interference issue I have been looking at using a camera with a 5.8GHz video link (the CGO1 and CGO2 is not an easy option which I can explain if someone is interested). I have found the ZMR 5.8G 40CH 200mW WIFI FPV 720P Camera AV VTX RX Transmitter Receiver Combo.

To control this camera it looks like I need to use a 3-P (switch) output from the receiver. I assume since the DX4 has only 4 channels that I will need to use a transmitter and receiver with more channels. It looks like the Main Control Board includes the receiver (see BLH8101) so it is not as simple as swapping out the receiver. So I have a few questions:
  1. Has anyone got experience in using another transmitter/receiver with the QX3?
  2. What transmitter/receiver would be suitable?
This is my first time in swapping out components so any help would be appreciated.

Uplift-RC 07-29-2019 03:28 AM

Where do we post our drone videos at since I am new to this forum?

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