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Review: Lishi Toys L6052 Quadcopter and optional camera

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Review: Lishi Toys L6052 Quadcopter and optional camera

Old 04-16-2015, 02:09 AM
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Default Review: Lishi Toys L6052 Quadcopter and optional camera


I've been flying helis for a while now, starting with 3ch infrared coax, later single rotor 45 degree flybar (Solo Pro V) and a little flybarless CP. Lately I have been more active with cars and boats again (where my "RC roots" are) but still flying kept it's appeal.

However, compared to a heli, a quad looks pretty unrealistic, which is what kept me from venturing in that direction. A single rotor heli looks more scale-like imho. So I never really considered getting a quad. But when Gearbest contacted me to ask if I wanted to test some stuff, I thought this would be nice opportunity to see what the hype about quads is all about. If I didn't like it, I could always give it away or so, no risk.

After it was agreed I would give my unbiased opinion, and that sending me a sample quad would not guarantuee a positive review by default, I looked at the different options. I wanted to stay safe, and get a WL Toys, as I knew they have been making quads for a while, but the selected model was not in stock. The Lishi Toys L6052 looked promising too, and at least didn't have such awkward looks as some quads do. I also have good experience with Lishi Toys 3 ch coaxials, like the 6010 Phantom, so we agreed on sending me this instead.

As there is already a main L6052 thread, I won't repeat pure data like dimensions, etc, but focus more on how I experienced this quad as being my first ever craft of this type and dealing with Gearbest. Btw, the quad can be found here: http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopte...ign=shareasale (use code GBLL for some extra discount, so I've been told)

First Contact

The box arrived well packed, and pretty fast too. The contents of the box seemed in perfect shape, and the quad itself looked well built, and a convenient size. Total weight without battery and prop guards came at 84.84 grams. The quadheli comes with a single 500 mAh 1S lipo, weighing in at 16 grams, but the extra battery I got with the heli was 600 mAh, weighing 18 grams. As it uses a red "BEC" connector, it's easy to use a better charger, than the bundled USB charger. Or to charge multiple batteries simultaneously, using the USB for one, and an already present LiPo charger, like the B6 for instance, for the other battery

The manual is in Chinese and English. It explains some basic things, but the part about the 2 direction modes didn't make much sense to me at first, and explanation about the function of the H-button, the L-button, and LVC seems to have been omitted. It also seemed weird that the startup sequence demands powering up the quad first, and then the transmitter, as it's usually the other way 'round.

The small camera was packed in a seperate bag, together with an USB connection wire. But I decided to leave that alone for later, let's first see how this thing flies. So, I charged up the batteries and prepped for a first test flight...

Maiden Flight

The next day there was a good opportunity for the maiden flight, almost windless. I decided to leave the the prop guards off, to save weight, and because I think these look odd. I reckoned my previous experience with helis should be enough to recognize when it's best to chop throttle, instead of trying to go all out to try save the quad from an imminent crash.

So, battery connected, powered on the TX, moved throttle stick up and down to "arm" the throttle, and carefully increased power. The quad lifted up nicely, and very stable. Just a little drift backward and to one side, a few trim button pushes cured that. Then, carefully moved elevator forward. The quad responded directly, but not nervous. Backwards the same. Tried left and right elevator, to get a feel for the control response. Felt pretty solid, so I tried to fly a circle, and before you know it, I was doing figure 8's and banked turns. It felt a bit like my Solo Pro V, except with more inertia, but without the side effects of a 45 degree flybar setup.

Did a few more circuits, then made a soft landing. A bystander, who walked up to me unnoticed, and stopped to chat, couldn't believe it was my first flight with it. It did seem odd indeed, I know I am by no means an ace pilot, but the controls just felt very smooth and natural.

"Lights! Camera! Action!"

As I mentioned before, I got the optional camera with this quad. Now that it was clear the quad could fly, I decided to have a look at the camera. It snaps on neatly on the bottom of the frame, and connects to the quad's mainboard with a small plug. This plug supplies battery voltage to the camera, and also the control signals, as you can control the camera from the quad's remote control. One button for taking a snapshot, and one for starting and stopping taking a vid. The camera has a small blue led at the bottom, to indicate it's getting power.

So, everything plugged in, and up with the quad. There was a little breeze this time, and that was hard to overcome at times. I blamed that on the small size of the quad, but later discover the true reason. Anyway, after the flight, the camera was connected to the computer, to transfer the captured files. Transfer speed is pretty slow, might be the micro SD card being low speed, I'll have to test another time, plugging the SD card directly into my computer's card reader.

The image quality is not breath taking, apart from the jelly-effect, making the image distort, the resolution and colors are less than for instance the well know "keychain cam". But it's still a nice additionto be able to hook up a camera, and get a different point of view on your surroundings. Maybe there are better cameras out there that can connect to the quad's camera connector, so these can be powered by the main battery, and controlled with the remote. Time for the next step.

Getting to know the quad better

After reading through the main L6052 thread, I realized the quad should have dual rates. If I was still flying on the low rate setting, that might explain the low wind fighting power and docile behavior. And I felt confident enough to try the flip buttons. After pressing the H-button, the quad indeed livened up, pitch and roll were more responsive. Flips worked fine, get to some altitude, and hit the left shoulder button for a front flip. Or press the right shoulder button, and the quad will flip the direction the right stick is pressed into.

Next flights were with more of a breeze, conditions in which my Solo Pro V would stand little chance, but this quad, on high rates, can handle it well. Sure it needs more work on the sticks to maintain position and altitude, but it's not just carried away with the wind helplessly. This was a welcome surprise indeed. The smoothness and stability of this quad do help here.

Preliminary Verdict/Summary

I can now understand what the hype about quads is about. It can be a smooth and capable flyer, and when it looks as sleek as the 6052, I can overlook that it doesn't resemble a normal heli. So far the Lishi Toys is working well, I also like how the control stays smooth even on high rates, and not twitchy, just faster. I have no issues, except a moment where the rear right motor didn't turn on at startup. I did see that mentioned a few times in the main thread, so I hope it's not a common issue, going to pose a serious problem. In flight, the quad is reliable, and responds to commands well. Flight times on the 600 mAh extra battery are over 6 minutes, until LVC. I didn't push on to see precisely how long it can still fly after it hits LVC, but others reported over a minute of full capable flight. Charge times with the bundled USB charger are about 45 minutes.


- Smooth control, also on high rate setting
- looks pretty good for a quad
- handles some breeze very well
- low rates for beginner, high rates for more experienced pilot
- optional camera for more value, can be controlled from transmitter
- good range
- cheap
- Good visibility in darkness


- Yaw rate could be faster
- Even on high rates it may not be fast enough for the most experienced quad pilots
- Brushed motors, will have limited lifespan
- Transmitter is pretty basic, and looks toylike
- image quality from camera is not great

Maybe not the best performing quad in this size/weight segment, but at the current price, great value for money.

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Old 04-22-2015, 12:58 AM
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I tried different batteries today, NanoTech 600 mAh, intended for a Nine Eagles heli. I got 9 minutes till LVC leds flashing. Compared to 6 to 7 minutes on the 600 mAh battery that I got extra with the quad, this is a nice increase. The Nano is also over 1g lighter than the other 600 mAh one. The Nano is also thinner, but with a patch of self adhesive velcro, fits snug again.
Old 05-11-2015, 01:30 AM
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Quad still flies well, the NanoTech batteries keep giving good flight times. Only drawback is you need to keep a closer watch on the LVC leds, as the voltage drop at the end of the discharge curve for the Nano's, is much steeper. With the stock 600 you get over a minute to bring the quad back in, and land. With the Nano batteries, the quad goes into forced descent in less than a minute.

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