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Review: Juncheng 3015-2 Quadcopter

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Review: Juncheng 3015-2 Quadcopter

Old 05-22-2015, 11:15 PM
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Default Review: Juncheng 3015-2 Quadcopter


After getting my first quad, and posting a review of it, my interest in quads has definitely grown. Sure, these don't look like a "classic" heli, which was putting me off at first, but the flight performance, and ability to fly in wind conditions that would normally keep my micro helis grounded, are big plusses. Gearbest was so kind enough to send me another quad for evaluation purposes, still under the condition that I would be free to give an unbiased opinion about it. The quad chosen was the relatively new Juncheng 3015-2



The cardboard box arrived well packed, and is a convenient size. Inside we find a white plastic insert, holding the quad tightly in place, optional prop guards, the manual, a small screwdriver (for fixing the optional propguards), extra props, the battery, USB charger, transmitter, and a tool to help remove the props from the motors. The battery is fairly big, 1S 250 mAh LiPo, and it's not that easy to insert in the battery holder on the heli. I had to bend away the small tab that keeps the battery inside, and wiggle the battery in carefully. The battery uses the same plug as the Walkera Mini CP, also called "Losi plug" as it is used on their micro vehicles. So it's easy to hook it up to your favorite charger, and leave the USB charger in the bag, as these tend to have a reputation to overcharge the batteries, with the exception here and there. One thing though, Losi has the polarity reversed, so if you happen to have a charge wire for your Micro T for instance, don't use it for this heli!

The manual is in Chinese and English. It explains some basic things, but tends to be a bit confusing too at times, as it uses different pictures of the quad and transmitter, giving the feel you got the wrong manual. Especially the part about how to change rates was unclear at first. Turns out the throttle trim button is used for that, press up one time for high rates, and down one time for low rates.

The transmitter is the "playstation controller" style, looking somewhat like the controller on the Blade Nano QX, but without a long protruding antenna. It uses 4 AAA batteries, and on mine the battery cover came loose pretty easily. There is a hole for a screw, to secure the cover, but no screw is supplied in the box, so I used a spare one from spare screws I have lying around.

Flight Performance

Having charged the battery, it was time to take to the skies. First impression was that it sounded rough. It's using direct drive motors, so no gears, but you would almost think it does have some gears in there.

Hover was stable though, so the motors were running at constant speed allright. Time to hit the "cyclic" stick back and forth, to test control response, and the quad really banked pretty far in all directions. I checked and double checked, but it was on low rates. Went into forward flight, and I felt like "wow, this thing can really move". Having those big motors on board, and bigger battery, does give this quad some power. It's yaw rate, though not the fastest I've seen, is quite a step above the Lishi Toys 6052, and the 3015-2 can make hard turns, even at full speed. It feels like it "bites" itself into the air, and once you get more familiar with it's handling, it's blast to fly.

When you press down on the right stick, it goes into "auto flip mode" and will make a flip in the direction you move the stick in. Flips are pretty tight, keeping good altitude. I tried high rates too, the allowed banking angles are even bigger then, so you can fly more agressively. It is also possible to drive the quad over the edge, so the rotor blades start losing lift, and the quad drops down a little then. So use with care, even in "low" rates it flies harder than most similar size quads.

I haven't checked flight times, but it felt like it was flying about as long as the L6052 on stock battery, so I guess around 7 minutes. I will update about that once I timed some flights. The quad has very clear LVC indication, all leds in the 4 arms start to flash, which is well visible from the ground, even when making high speed passes. It doesn't cut the power to the motors almost right after that, like some quads do, having these dropping out of the sky. Instead it gives enough time to bring the quad back to you, and land safely.

Speaking of landings, the quad has 4 rubber "cushions" under the motor pods, so you can land this one really softly.

Preliminary Verdict/Summary

After the L6052 I was hoping for something at least as good, but also different. The 3015-2 certainly delivers, it has some outstanding flight performance. Fast, able to make hard turns, it's a joy to fly. I wouldn't recommend it as a first quad, as it's very responsive, and it's low rates are faster than high rates on quite a few of other similar quads. But if you feel like a challenge, but are not yet up to flying without self righting mode, this quad is definitely something to consider.


- Fast!
- Tight turns
- Handles some breeze very well
- Cheap
- LVC easy to spot, ample time to land safely once LVC is triggered
- Tight flips
- Good visibility in darkness


- Bit noisy
- Inserting battery can be difficult
- Brushed motors, will have limited lifespan
- Not for beginners
- Manual not always clear

Update 4 june 2015:
I keep getting better flight times. Maybe the battery needed to get "broken in" or the motors are running a bit better, but last flight I got about 6 1/2 minutes.

Also had an issue with the battery being too loose once inside the holder, and seems more are having this. One solution I read about was putting in some tissue paper. I used a small piece of foam, comparable to what is used as landing "pads".

Battery can no longer slide backwards, upsetting the CoG, and there is no real added weight penalty.

Update 18 june 2015:

Tried to capture the speed and agility of this quad:

Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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Old 05-27-2015, 11:26 PM
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Timed some flights, not getting the 7 minutes I thought it was in the air, but little over 5 minutes.Still feels much longer, because you are inclined to fly this quad agressively.
Old 06-18-2015, 11:01 AM
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Added some more flight experience and a vid showing how this quad flies.

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