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Kai Deng K70C Sky Warrior - Big Brushed Camera Quad with 1 Axis Gymbal

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Kai Deng K70C Sky Warrior - Big Brushed Camera Quad with 1 Axis Gymbal

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Default Kai Deng K70C Sky Warrior - Big Brushed Camera Quad with 1 Axis Gymbal

A benefit of a bigger quad as "camera carrier" is obvious, usually a bigger "payload" can be lifted. The Kai Deng K70C may look sleek, but it's pretty big, especially compared to what I usually review. So when Banggood offered to send one for reviewing, it seemed like something interesting to have a closer look at.

Disclaimer: I don't get paid, or in any other way make money with reviews like these. Product specifications and quality may vary at the manufacturer's discretion, and are beyond my influence. I cannot guarantuee you will get a product that performs exactly the same as seen and described in this review. There is always room for a general discussion on the reviewed item, but no affiliate links!

For easy navigation, here's a list of contents:

1: Specifications (posting #1)
2: Unboxing (posting #1)
3: Transmitter (posting #1)
4: Flying Performance (posting #1)
5: Preliminary Verdict (posting #1)
6: Suitable for a Beginner? (posting #1)
7: Camera Performance (posting #2)
8: Hints, Tips & Modifications (posting #2)

1 - Specifications:

First, let's start with a link and a picture:


Brand name: Kai Deng
Item name: K70C RC Quadcopter
Frequency: 2.4G
Gyro: 6 axis
Product size: 55.7*53.8*17.5 cm
Package size: 63*46*10.5 cm
Quadcopter weight: about 300g
Product battery: 7.4V 1800mAh(Included)
Remote battery: 4 x AA dry battery(not included)
Charging time: 200 mins
Flying time: 10 mins
R/C distance: about 300 m
Color: yellow, blue, red

2MP HD Camera adopted for taking photos and videos.
Bulit-in professional ESC gimbal provides camera spinning from 0 to 90 and can be adjusted by transmitter.
2 Control Modes, entry-level mode helps beginners easily control the quadcopter and technical-level mode gives senior players more freedom to show their techniques.
3 Speed Modes provided for different players.
High intensity metallic material shows powerful anti-collision performance.
Headless Mode makes it no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying .
One Key Return makes it easily find the way home.
Function: up/down, left/right sideward fight, forward/backward, turn left/right, rolling 360, Headless Mode, One Key Return

Package Included:
1 x K70C RC Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
4 x Protection cover
4 x Spare propellers
1 x Screw driver
1 x USB charger
1 x Manual

2 - Unboxing:

The K70C comes in a large box, it's contents held in hard foam. Inside we find the quad, transmitter, 8 large props (4 spares), a camera with single axis gymbal mount, charger, materials to mount the props, landing gear, and some small stuff like various screws.

Some assembly is required, to get it ready for action. The props need to be fitted, which isn't very clearly explained in the manual. The main metal shaft, tha protrudes from each motor pod, is not the totating axle, but a locked one, around which the prop revolves. The plastic "spinners" that go on top of each shaft, remain stationary, while the props spin right under these. To prevent the props from flyiing off, is a clear plastic "upper bushing" that gets locked in place by rotating it 90 degrees, after inserting a thin metal pin, that runs right through the metal shaft.

If spunds and feels rather complex, but it seems there are other quadcopters that use a similar prop mounting method. After basic assembly, leaving out landing gear and camera mount, it looks like this:

The upper shell of the body is made from thin vacuum formed plastic, held in place with 3 metal body clips, just like a shell on an RC car. Removing the tiny clips can be a pain, but the idea is nice, After removing the shell, you get easy access to the receiver board. Motor wires are soldered on, but luckily there are connectors on the motor, where these connect inside the motor "nacelles". The receiver antenna was angled horizontally on mine, I carefully re-shaped it to be an L shape.

The board also has a piezo buzzer, there was some hope initially that it would not only have a function to indicate powering up, but would also function as low voltage warning. However, it seems this hasn't been implemented, as the only thing that happens at the end of the flight, is the leds start to flash. On some review samples the leds on the rear arms are reported to be random colors, blue, red, etc, but on mine these were all red, making night flying much easier, imho:

3 - Transmitter:

Tries to look stylish, and has a display, for instance showing trim settings, selected rate, and stick positions. It has a decent feel, but sadly also has some fake buttoms and a fake rotary "menu select". This quad is not for children, as usual comes with a 14+ age warning, so why play silly games by adding fake buttons, etc?

It runs from 4 AA cells, and for a change, the metal tabs are not too far recessed, to make contact with positive battery terminal flaky. In this one the batteries lock well in place, and the transmitter doesn't reboot when shaking it mildly.

4 - Flying Performance

First flight was again with some breeze, like we often have here. After pressing the power button on the quad, I powered on the transmitter, which starts to beep, until the throttle is moved up and down. Then a few seconds later you get another confirmation beep, and the quad is armed. Take off is pretty simple, the quad responds well to the controls. Switching to medium rates, to better fight the wind, and then shortly after right to 3rd rate. The transmitter display doesn't seem to indicate 3rd rate on the display, but only with 3 beeps.

The K70C is quite sporty for it's size. You can feel it's inertia, when making a hard turn, and when fully pitched forward, the quad won't fully keep it's altitude, but gradually descend, but overall it doesn't feel lethargic, even though it's aimed to be a camera quad. Later that day I flew it in a stronger breeze, and it handled that well too:


It can hover very stable in a breeze, the only thing that is a little tricky is landing. Due to the big props, running at relatively low RPM, when close to the ground, a gust can make it suddenly gain more altitude than expected. Takes a little getting used to, after flying the JJRC X1 mostly lately, which can really dive into the wind with ease.

5 - Preliminary Verdict:

This K70C has some strong points. Good power, well placed leds, quite sporty for it's size. It can also handle a breeze well. It looks impressive in the air, and is easy to operate, even more after the battery door mod. My K70C did suffer from short range, but this might be a fluke, as others report excellent range, of over 100m.


- Good lifting power
- Stable but can still move around well on high rates
- Good leds for night flying
- Easy motor change
- Simple to power on, with the top mounted on/off button


- Complex way of mounting props, no easy upgrade to ball bearings possible.
- Long rear arms look fragile
- Short range, around 60m, on my K70C (other reviews claim 100-150m range, so mine might be defective)

6 - Suitable for a beginner?

Though very stable, and controllable on low rates, this thing is big, so the consequences of loosing control could be big. Also the complicated way of mounting the props, could prove to be too challenging for a beginner. There are far more suitable models as first quad.

(to be continued)
Old 04-11-2016, 03:55 AM
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Reserved for modifications, and camera review, etc

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