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os fx 160 keeps deadsticking?

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Default os fx 160 keeps deadsticking?

I have a os 160 fx ringed ( not FI ) that keeps deadsticking. the engine was broken in by hte book and ran good. I installed it in my plane an ran great for about 10 flights. I have been using an apc 17x8 tacked at 8800 rpms on the rich side. the next thing i know 2 minutes into the flight it dies. i changed the plug, checked the rpm. ran good on the ground , up in the air we go, and dead again. so i bring it home and start going for richer and then leaner settings. On the leaner side it shuts off no warnings or nothing, you can see the fuel return from the carb to the highspeed needle, so i know it's there. it you go to the rich side it will start cutting out ( complete loss of fire) and then die with fuel returning to the highspeed needle. i changed the fuel ( bought a new gallon 15 percent cool power) thought i had it running right after burning 1/2 tank on the ground fueled it back up, took the plane up in the air and dead again, this time my plane did not survive. the tank is mount right behind the fire wall everthing to the book as far as postion and hook up. i checked the needle and carb for debre and found nothing.i read an article on the bgx 3500 and the uses of large fuel tubing instead of standard (medium) should i be using this on the 160. i am running a saito 180 oin standard and it is to the book perect. I am officially stumped HELP?
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Default RE: os fx 160 keeps deadsticking?

It's a bit hard to say what the difficulty with your O.S. Max 1.60 FX engine might be. If it will run normally on the ground or on a test stand, then there's nothing wrong with the enigne, but something in the engine/airframe/fuel system combination. Most common is "fuel foaming". That's when the engine's vibrations agitate air into the fuel in the tank. You'll usually not see any bubbles in the fuel because the agitation makes micro-bubbles. The added air leans the mixture.

Fuel foaming can happen in the air and not on the ground because the airplane is restricted from free vibration on the gound by the wheels and your hands restraining the model.

It's possible that it developed after a number of flights because the engine continued to break in and and gained RPM.

It's also possible that the fuel line is a bit small and/or you're not getting enough pressure to the tank. In the air, the engine's RPM will increase as the prop unloads, and the fuel demands of the engine will climb a bit. This may cause leaning from fuel restriction.

The main thing is to check the engine on the test stand. Everything will be in the open and properly located. If the engine run "all day" on the stand, there's nothing wrong with the engine, and you have to look into the combination of components in the installation.

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