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Anyone big into weighlifting or body building?

Old 03-28-2007, 11:31 AM
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Default Anyone big into weighlifting or body building?

Just curious? I work out alot and i'm into bodybuilding, no shows or anything.

Whats your max bench press?

Whats your stats? Ht' Wt' age'

I'm *****g at 350lbs right now.
Old 03-31-2007, 08:10 PM
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Default RE: Anyone big into weighlifting or body building?

That is very impressive; when I was younger (in high school and early college), I was into weight lifting, but not body building. I could have pobably maxed out at 315lbs on the bench press, but I never really tried to do a max during my peak strength days.

For someone of my height, I am 5ft and a half, and was about 16lbs to 175lbs at that time, that was very impressive. As far as squats, I might have been able to hit 500lbs, but again, I never tried to max out; I was in the gym to pick up girls and show off; typical kid stuff that every boy goes through from the self ego of being fit, strong, and in great shape. People telling me that I am probably more like 200lbs body weight from the appearance of my muscle mass only pumped up my ego more; this of course only caused me to fall further into my foolish mentality of narcisism. I'm not say all body builders and weight lifters are; I'm only saying I was the foolish one in this respect. Being in good health is a great thing and everyone should do some sort of excercise to remain healty.

I have become lazy over the years and have not kept up heavy excecising; but I know today I can still max out at least 225lbs on bench press.
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Default RE: Anyone big into weighlifting or body building?

Going 4.5years strong

6' 2" 22yo 230lbs
Max bench 345x1
max shoulder press 260x1
Squat I dunno, but last time I did 315x6

Im far from that bodybuilding show idea, as I dont wanna wear a thong in front of alot of people, and only being 230 I might give it a go when I am 225 @ 10% bf. Im prob about 6-7% to high atm

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