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Default RE: Gameing

Ok, sure we the military dont know shack now, you dont have an idea of what you are talking about because 9 years of technology is plenty long time in the technology world.

This is no pissing contest or whatever... My advice is I have a DELL and my friend who also knows jack and is retiring from 20 years of service has one as well. We did not break our heads building one because the days of secret ultimate dark side pc gaming are long gone. Technology is so robust that there is no need to get the latest AlienWare, yes they are cool and pretty fancy.

Sure I am giving advice a DELL, but I dont talk negative about customize setup. The guy is asking for advice because he does not know much about building it himself. So, I understand your concern about customize setups, but your advice should be toward all your years of "experience" with IBM's or whatever other brands. Its been only a few years in the service and we have migrated from 733 to the 3Ghz at the present time.

Sure, its no big deal to transfer top secret messages in crappy computers like DELL because the military does not know jack. I know you are real mad about it, hey I dont care what you say I just work there, its freedom of speech and I respect it. Just deal with the feedback as there is FOS toward your derogatory comments.

And I mean is bla bla because you are bringing a bunch of nonsense to the person requesting advice. Instead of helping him you are confusing him... Do you understand now why is bla bla? Whatever bro, once again, DELL is not the ultimate machine, but for someone who wants to just plug and play and make it happen without glitches in PC games then my setup is a good advice. So far, everybody else just bring a bunch of specs, general links, just say go the customize route when he has said it again and again about he does not want to go with that solution. Anyway got to get back to our microwave equipment, Newbridge technology, Nortel Networks, our crappy Cisco routers and all the mumbo jumbo the government waste money on.

See you in the Half Life 2, GRAW and FEAR servers with my "I dont know jack" computer, DELL by the way...

Man, this is the first posting on Off-Topic which is meant to know people better and share ideas, suggestions etc.

I apologize if the posting went a little bit off the line. My bad for all the debating... WT??

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Default RE: Gameing

The one I use now, I built myself. Between getting things on sale (New Egg is the best), steals on Ebay, a used Thermaltake case... I saved lots of $$$

Keep in mind this is a few years old now, but it still tests in the top 5% on speed tests.

intel D875PBZ MB
2 WD 250GB SATA drives
3 G Corsair RAM
GeForce 6800 Ultra
Audigy 2 ZS

All in all, it cost me about $1500. Back when I built it, similar computers were about $4000 (That Extreme Edition chip was crazy expensive, I got one one Ebay for $400 when they were going for $1000). But, what really makes the system shine is the 40" 1080P monitor, and the 1000 watt Onkyo system and Klipsch speakers its hooked up to. Gaming takes on a whole new level.
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Default RE: Gameing


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