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Awesome Burnout !

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Default RE: Awesome Burnout !






Front Wheel drive kick-ass it has been proven big time.
Yep, great for around town driveability and economy cars
Ahh!! are whe going to start the Import vs Domestic war again? I love them all I don't care witch as long is a fast one, but most of this FWD on the track these day are making good numbers, I had a CRX on 10.sec with just a 1.8 engine .
A 10 second CRX? That would need around 500hp. You got a vid? I'm a honda guy and I'd love to see it! RWD>FWD, why are there no FWD race cars outside touring cars (which are based on production cars)? The best part of my day every day is drifting (eh, power oversteer, not really drifting) round the last corner to my house on my drive home from work. Can't do that in a FWD, just can't.
Most of the videos I had wore in my old computer from the shop I don't have them anymore. sorry. this is what is left of some videos that I put together a couple of years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

These look like some serious machines! The power that can be had from a built 4 banger is quite impressive. I bought a '97 DelSol VTEC last fall with 10k origional miles on it, drove it for a few weeks and then parked it. The power was pretty good but at 6'4" 210lbs, I was too damn big for it.

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Default RE: Awesome Burnout !

I don't disagree with that totally, BUT.. I think FWD cars get a bad rep cause most of them were not designed w/ performance in mind...

A properly tuned FWD car can be made to handle neutral and goes fast.. (tailing hanging out, power-oversteer, etc. = fun, but not really the fast way around the track..)

I think when Mugen did a make over on the Civic Type R awhile ago, it was the outright lap record holder of some track in Japan.. and it has less than 250hps + FWD.. Doesn't look too impressive on the paper, but it sure is fast.. !

Faster than stock R35 GT-R, etc.


My point exactly, when earlier I was ragging on FWD cars. Not very good handling. In the ones that I have had they understeer horribly under power compared to my rwd I could get around much quicker.

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