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Bad Parking Regulations/ "rant"

Old 09-17-2011, 11:36 AM
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Default Bad Parking Regulations/ "rant"

Does anyone here who lives in an apartment ever have issues with parking regulations?

I am in an especially badly enforced parking situation because I live in an apatment on campus (at Jacksonville State University in Alabama not Florida). The schools parking regulations are about the worst ever thought up because they have devided the campus into 3 different zones based on where you live. The hole north half of the campus is one color zone, the south half is another color zone and the commuters to school get another color tag. I should mention that every student HAS to mandatory pay $35 for a tag. So now Im in a situation where I am pretty much paying to park out in front of my own apartment that I also have paid for. All of my classes are on the north half of the campus but because I live in the south half I cant drive to class because I have the wrong color tag and I will get a ticket. They then tied to install a bus transit system that is another joke. If I were to try and catch a ride on one of their transit buses, it would take me a bare minimum of 45 minutes to get to my class based on the route the bus drives. If I walk, I can get there in about 10 minutes.

Anyway reason I am ticked off today is because its Saturday "game" day. The police will right you a ticket in a heartbeat on a weekday during class if you park in a wrong zone, but on game days, they just let anyone park anywhere they please. Im right across the street from the football stadium so naturally everyone is going to park in my lot. It gets to the point where it is so bad and fills up so much that people just start parking sideways behind other cars, MY CAR. It seems like a major hazzard situation because if I were to have an accident or some other kind of situation aroze, I cant get my car out of the parking lot to save my life. The campus police dont seem to care and do nothing to stop it from happening.
Old 09-19-2011, 10:47 AM
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Default RE: Bad Parking Regulations/

City laws are getting about as assinine as well. Can't park on the street on certain days at certain hours, no trucks on certian streets, no "old cars" parked on the street. It goes on and on.

My Univeristy was the same way, except the parting pass was $75 a semester and I now think is it above $150. However, they offer a "premium pass" for $350.
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Default RE: Bad Parking Regulations/

Can you get a second parking pass for the other color you need?

Take a few pics of your car being blocked in and show it to some school administrators,

I'm sure they'd be interested in it.

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