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Notice this

Old 08-09-2010, 08:30 PM
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Default Notice this

There is this guy (, stating that he is a Moderator or administrator on RCGroups and that my comment or post has been removed. Now this is funny, Normally if your post from RCGroup or RCUniverse has been removed, you sometimes get a notification saying why it was removed. Thing is you get it in your email inbox, you do not get it on your youtube in box, do you? Funny isn't it.

He Also threatened me that he will make sure all the posts that I make or RedCat Racing does (I work officially for RedCat Racing) will be removed from RC Groups and marked Spam. He further threatened me that "I should not bite the feeding hand Silly boy" Well after my replies, this is what I receive today from CONEBEAST187 in my youtube inbox

please learn to speak english you weedy little dung beetle

enjoy you interview with the fbi we are all reporting you for terrorisim

cant wait for all the paypal charge backs as well you will go broke long before you realise your not welcome

LOL it was getting even funnier with his latest reply


please report me to the fbi having family in both the fbi an nsa i look forward to the chance to read your detailed complaint report personaly , heck son ill even have it framed and mail it to xian to give to you personaly at the factory in shenzhen next time you drop bye

you dirty little terrorist

lifes gonna get alot tougher for you on the terror watchlist

ali was a poor made up name

be careful how you reply your being watched already

Now thats a powerful man right LOL

Anyways, I just wanna tell people here and also on RCG that be careful with this guy. He is a moron. if he can claim to be RCG Moderator, he can claim to be anyone else to cheat people.

Also notice his youtube account and be careful there as well. (

I just blocked him on youtube, that was simple to treat such idiots.


Ali ShanMao
Old 08-10-2010, 02:24 PM
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Default RE: Notice this

Although I could agree with you (I have only heard one side of the story; yours), but why the rant on RCU, when the issue is with RCG? Have you tried to contact them? I would suggest that you contact them BEFORE you make this video and try to resolve the matter. Otherwise it somebody may look silly for over-escalating a problem that might not be. If I were a moderator of ANY forum, I would contact you thru that forum instead of going outside. That tells me that the person might not be what he claims he is.

Just a su8ggestion.

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Default RE: Notice this

thanks mate

I am going to remove this post. RCG Confirms that this guys is just a moron trying to get attention. Cheers
Old 08-10-2010, 08:54 PM
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Default RE: Notice this

wow ...well he can't make a good video like you so...****em...

some people just can't handle peeps that do better

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