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Flyzone ERAZE

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Default Flyzone ERAZE

FYI:I just received the Flyzone ERAZE. The specifications identified within the documentation and also located on Tower’s website states the ESC is rated 12Amp / 3s. The ESC that is actually installed is labeled “10Amp / 2s”. I planned on using 3s Lipos. I'll try the factory supplied ESC this weekend and see what happens.
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Default RE: Flyzone ERAZE

First flights … with oversized battery!I installed the supplied prop and used both prop savers (doubled up). Later, I installed an APC prop after the Flyzone prop snapped on landing. I installed my receiver, located aft of the ESC. Exponential is set at -25%, with the elevon surface throws set @ ½”. Battery installed is the EON-X Lite LiPo 3S 11.1V 800mAh 25C. The battery is installed as far forward as possible, tucked behind the motor mount. The CG is aft, but this helps keep the angle of attack where I like it during landings. I secured the battery placing a strip of hook and loop on the battery and within the fuselage. For my initial takeoff, the wind was below 5mph and the sky was overcast. I directed the ERAZE into the wind, set the throttle at 75% with neutral elevons and gave a good toss. The aircraft dropped like a stone! I managed to get my hand on the transmitter and apply up elevator before crashing into the grass. I slammed the throttle stick forward to WOT and the ERAZE took off like a rocket! Be ready with up elevator on takeoff or you may be changing your propellers often! I think the aircraft covered 300’ in about four seconds. It breaks down to approximately 50 MPH. It doesn’t sound like a lot of speed, but at this size it feels very PEPPY! Visual acuity is pretty good from several hundred feet. Orientation becomes difficult for me around 500 feet. Flight performance feels very solid and comfortable. Stalling isn’t a worry either. I practiced slow flying about two mistakes high to prepare for my initial landing. The first landing occurred in tall grass (about 2’ tall). I figured the higher grass would provide a softer landing. My landing was a little faster than I wanted. The glide path is very long. Probably because of the 800mAh battery (hee hee), I installed. I cut power on final leg and glided 300’ prior to landing. I didn’t consider the tall grass had a wider diameter than the short stuff which created some small indentations during landing. There was minor damage to the leading edge causing the covering to rip. I simply placed some scotch tape and a sticker I had on hand over the wrinkled covering and all was fine. Flight performance was unchanged after repairs. After learning about the long glide path and damages caused by tall grass, my new plan was to get as slow as possible without stalling and increase my AOA. Short grass was much easier on the airframe, it slides in and the deceleration is slower. Damage after ten flights: one broken propeller, some torn covering and a few indentations on the leading edges. Most of the damage was caused in the first two landings. Now that I can maintain a good AOA on landing, I don’t think I’ve put another mark on the aircraft. 15 minute flight with throttle management consumed 530mah’s. 15 minute flight with lots of WOT consumed 740mah’s. This is a fun aircraft. Very easy to fly. Very easy to transport. Inexpensive to repair. Just remember, you probably are not going to fly this in your backyard with an oversized battery…unless you own a farm!
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