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richardlamb 08-11-2011 02:19 PM

Noob (me) with a Parkzone P-47 - to fly or not to fly?
Hey guys. I bought a TERRIBLE Guan-Li plane online a week ago and after sending back possibly the lowest quality thing I'd ever bought in my life I phoned a model shop and ended up spending about £400 on a proper setup. He said Parkzone had what I wanted (fast/easy setup, good build quality, good instructions, had model in a simulator they sold) and said they were all fairly similar in terms of how they flew so I got a P-47 Thunderbird over other models (namely the T28). I am using it with a DX6i. However after looking for more info/videos of the plane I have (and already opened and built) I have read countless times about how the Parkzone T28 is much easier to fly and much more forgiving (especially with landings) than the P47.

So here's the thing, it is my first ever RC plane. I did get it with the phoenix flight simulator and have done about 6 hours already and am fairly competent on that now, but I was planning my maiden flight tomorrow when the wind dies down (nothing fancy, basic turns and get it home) but am somewhat worried that it's going to be a £160 mistake. I am now wondering whether to order the T28 as well (so keep P47 for a month or two and learn on the T28 first) or go with an actual trainer plane first instead. I guess it probably makes more sense if i buy a second one to go for a trainer? While I don't have money to burn getting a 2nd plane, I'd rather spend more money and have two working planes at the end of it rather than destroying one, spending more money anyway and having only one plane.

So what do you guys think I should do? Has anyone here started with a plane like the P47 as their first plane with simulator time only?

Any and all input for people who are into the scene already would be massively appreciated. Thanks.

jdetray 08-11-2011 03:21 PM

RE: Noob (me) with a Parkzone P-47 - to fly or not to fly?
There is a reason that trainers were invented! It's because they are relatively easy to fly and relatively forgiving. With a good trainer, you can take your hands off the controls, and the plane will tend to return to straight and level flight. That is EXACTLY the sort of behavior you need when you are first learning to fly.

Your P-47 might be acceptable if you are learning to fly with an experienced pilot to assist you. Even then, it is a difficult road. If you are learning on your own, please set aside the P-47 until you have learned to fly a nice, easy trainer. Your chances of success are reasonable with a trainer, whereas success with a warbird as your first plane is very unlikely.

Good luck!

- Jeff

WVrailfan 08-11-2011 09:01 PM

RE: Noob (me) with a Parkzone P-47 - to fly or not to fly?
<span lang="EN">

As a fellow newb I can tell you the smartest thing I did, after reading comments from veterans here and talking to the folks at WV Hobbies, was start out on a Hobbyzone Super Cub. Easy to put together, easy to fly and best of all, easy to repair. After a month or so with the Cub, I felt comfortable getting a T-28 and, so far, have had good luck with it. Funny thing is, I still really enjoy flying the Cub. It is slow, predictable and relaxing.

Pick up a Super Cub, or some other high wing trainer and get the feel for actually flying. You will be glad you did. And, you will appreciate the speed and agility of the P-47 even more after flying a good trainer.


richardlamb 08-12-2011 02:49 AM

RE: Noob (me) with a Parkzone P-47 - to fly or not to fly?
Thanks for the honest replies guys. I think you're all right (and am glad my gut was telling me me to rush in and to ask first). It's a bit annoying that I was recommended this plane by a model shop worker (I guess because it cost a lot), but ultimately is my fault for not researching it more I guess. On the parkzone site they say the P47 is a "good 3rd plane" (after a trainer, then a T28, then P47 is good route) which is where alarm bells really started ringing. If I had a T28 I might be tempted to give it a go, but with the P47 I agree that it will likely end in tears!<div></div><div>Been looking at the Super Cub LP, like the look of it and has loads of good reviews (plus is BNF so will work with my spectrum straight away). Anyone think of a reason I shouldn't get this plane? Or why a different trainer would better suited for practising for my P47 flight?</div><div></div><div>Thanks again guys, you've been really helpful.</div>

BarracudaHockey 08-12-2011 02:56 AM

RE: Noob (me) with a Parkzone P-47 - to fly or not to fly?
I did that review so I can quite agree with what the Parkzone site says. For a warbird its easy to fly but it is NOT a trainer.

richardlamb 08-12-2011 04:17 AM

RE: Noob (me) with a Parkzone P-47 - to fly or not to fly?
OK well I've definitely decided to get a trainer first, as much as I am dying to take out the P47 today (wind has finally died down) I have resided myself to the fact that I am not ready for it. But I would ideally like to get one that will lead me up nicely to using the P47 as my second plane, rather than getting another one inbetween a trainer and P47 as I am not made of money :). So I think that means I'd like a 4 channel (which is what I have been practicising with on the sim and same as P47, as opposed to 3 channel super cub for example) and also to be able to use the same batteries (2200mah Lipo) as my P47 to reduce extra expense (I already have 3 2200mah batteries). I'd also like one that is BNF/ARTF and works with my spektrum DX6i controller for simplicity and as I don't like building (I have back problems when sitting which makes it hard). Do you think a slightly more advanced trainer will be OK to fly on my own? For example I havefound this one:

ST Model Discovery ARTFhttp://www.kingslynnmodelshop.co.uk/...duct_info.html<br type="_moz" />
With this (with a Deans to EC3 connector) I can use my P47 reciever and batteries. Anyone have any experience of knowledge of this plane? Or have any better 4 channel/2200mah/BNF or ARTF models they think would be better suited for a novice with only sim time?

Many thanks again for all your help so far.<br type="_moz" />

mad web tv scientist 08-12-2011 11:43 AM

RE: Noob (me) with a Parkzone P-47 - to fly or not to fly?
:) Richard, welcome to a growing force of indomitable fighter plane enthusiasts! A big thank you for everybody else for your edifying thoughts.

One of your interesting questions has not been answered. Of the two Spitfire pilots who learned to fly from the use of computer flight sims, the most interesting one that was a lot of fun to spar with on the big Spit thread was a modeler with the moniker "taran" (see page 36 and earlier - please don't read much further lest the negative vibes of the kind of tyranny that used to rule modeling discourage you like it did almost every other poster on the thread, including my buddie taran.

Please keep on posting.

"Aim high . . . Fly - Fight - Win!"


__________________________________________________ __
FIGHTERS - AVIATION'S ULTIMATE CALL TO GLORY, HONOR, AND IMMORTALITY - Please see immortality promoting Blog - Rom. 2.

chassumner1 08-12-2011 12:45 PM

RE: Noob (me) with a Parkzone P-47 - to fly or not to fly?
Another great choice, which is less expensive and less prone to damage is the Champ. I owned a couple of them. Also you can transport it very easy, and can fly in many places that the supercub is to large for (more flying time = more skill). I do not suggest any of the other micros from personal experience - just to small and difficult to work on or repair. I cannot speak for the P47 as I do not own one. But I do own a T28 and I can tell you that I love it! This may sound crazy but I find it easier to fly than the Supercub (after learning the basics with the Supercub). I simply do not fly the Supercub anymore. The T28 cuts thru the wind with no problem, and is easier to control maybe due to the power and ailerons.
But anyway, pick up a Champ or a Supercub, learn to fly it, you will learn some valuable repair skills also as you progress, train on the Sim as much as possible, then take your P47 to a nice large grassy field on a windless day and maiden it. But give yourself a few weeks of good flying time with the trainers before you do it. Good Luck!!

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