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MJD 10-30-2016 02:34 PM

Conscendo discontinued?
I find it hard to believe but it appears the Conscendo is a goner. This flying season so far I've started 3 beginners on them and am convinced there is no better out of the box first model.. intstant success. And they're a fun sport model too. Shame.

What brings this to mind is that just 45m ago this afternoon I sent a 12yr old and his dad home after assembling, testing, then talking them each through launch and a whole battery of climbs and glides.. they're on their own now and they'll be fine. That's 4 new fliers this year on the same Rtf model.

scogdell 12-06-2016 06:27 PM

Does anybody know why this was discontinued? I have 2 of them....one in dire need of repair on the fuselage. These are great and I can let people who have never flown before take the controls.

MJD 12-07-2016 06:08 AM

It sure isn't the flight performance. Probably no more than the stupid name and the ugly graphics. I've never encountered a better aircraft for handing over to raw beginners, yet it is a fun sport model. And it soars well.

Ernie Misner 06-19-2017 08:24 PM

An old thread, but I still have my Conscendo in the box and need to get it up and chasing some thermals. So is it definitely discontinued? Anything to replace it with that is as good or better?

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