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HitecRedneck 12-24-2001 09:48 AM

Bullet Plane
Here is my Bullet plane that was found in the AMI magazine with the name Sunshine. The name just didn't fit so I changed it. It flies on a speed 400 and 7 600 ae cells.It's 36 inch wing span and weights ready to fly at 18 ounces.

HitecRedneck 12-24-2001 06:47 PM

Bullet Plane
Hi Wes, With the speed 400 up front the battery pack goes right behind and balances perfect. It flies like a pattern plane both slow and top speed. Great little flyer.

Cadet 12-27-2001 06:46 AM

Bullet Plane
Now lets strap on the 5:1 gearbox and a 12x8 prop!
Thats what I call fun!


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